Life is a Revelation…be encouraged


If you don’t change your beliefs,

you will be like this forever.

Is that good news?

                                                              – W. Somerset Maugham

When I first read those words I was immediately struck by the Truth they contained. I use the word Truth, instead of truth, because there are some ideas which have such a commanding dominance that they literally have the power to set you off in a new direction. Amazing that something so simple, in this case only sixteen words, can possess such a powerful impact. Because we do what we believe, our outcomes are the direct result of what we think. So if we changed those deeply held core assumptions about life, love, the people around us, the way things are, we could/would have an entirely new being. The simplest reduction would be; change our beliefs, change us. As a result our lives would be entirely different.

I personally believe those words uttered so many years ago by Mr. Maugham. I believe them because I am living proof of their Truth.

Be encouraged.

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4 thoughts on “Change

  1. livvy1234 on said:

    I have been thinking alot the last two days about the “Universal Eye” watching all of us. We cannot hide from God. We carry the universal shame of Adam and Eve story. No matter what we wear, what we achieve, we never feel good enough…the world continues on its merry way, striving, manipulating, and achieving. Soon, we will be mere dust. It has been quite a journey.

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