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Making Performance Matter Workshop

Yesterday morning I attended a workshop put on by two incredible, high energy, professional women. Cindy Allen-Stuckey presented a well informed, concise, and powerful two hour seminar on Coaching Skills. Her business partner Karen Brockmyre imparted extremely effective how-to Methods of Strategic Thinking for another two hours. They are two highly-skilled facilitators who know, not only how to create excellence in an organization, but are also amazingly insightful in creating community and cohesion among the attendees. Their company is named Making Performance Matter, which by the way is an INSANELY great name.  

Later in the day I had the plesure of being able to sit down informally with them to discuss various aspects of their business. I can assure you they are just as impactful in a one-on-one situation as they are when delivering content to a packed room. Our hour and a half simply flew by as we laughed and talked about life and the way we have approached it. They are women who have taken control of their lives and decided to use their combined experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help people in business reach their maximum potential.

Sometime later I hope to interview them and post it here. Until then let me encourage you to check out their website .

If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of their workshops please do so. I can guarantee you will benefit in ways you never imagined.

As always…be encouraged.

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One thought on “Making Performance Matter Workshop

  1. livvy1234 on said:

    Hi Stephen, I have slowed down a bit. Taking one hour at a time. I just finished drawing a horse. Thank you for taking the time to read about the shelter dogs. For you and Susie!
    Enjoy the video!

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