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Eat @ Chipotle Mexican Grill

Last Monday Susie and I had one of the most amazing experiences ever. I normally get pretty hopped up when it comes time to eat. Eating is one of favorite things. If I ate as much as I would like, then I would probably tip the scales at 365 or more. Thankfully, my wife keeps my eating addiction in line by steering me to healthier selections and less copious amounts. So this last Monday, instead of going to McDonalds and going large, we headed to Chipotle.

Now I should mention, we were visiting Richmond, Indiana where one of the greatest bicycle shops on earth is. John Dils and Kory George co-own Cycling Fitness Warehouse I am way off what I originally wanted to write about, but you’ve got to check them out if you are interested in a new bike or apparel. They are two of the nicest, easy to get along with guys you will ever encounter, plus they have great prices.

Okay…I’m back on track. The restaurant is located at 3726 National Road East. We turned in, found a place to park, and ambled in. We are huge fans of Chipotles, because they have great food which is fresh. So Susie and I ordered our usual burrito bowls with huge amounts of guacamole and a couple of drinks (by the way they serve beer at this one!) and prepared to pay.

Now this is where the story gets interesting. The girl at the checkout explained their register was not connected to their intranet so our food was free. FREE!!! Are you kidding me? You are just going to give us our food for FREE? The girl behind the counter was Sabrina. Sabrina said it their fault they couldn’t charge us so they were giving away their food for FREE. Did I mention it was FREE?

I was spell bound. I have never received food for FREE. If it would have been me I would have locked the door, put up some kind of hand written sign that apologized for the inconvenience, but due to technical difficulties we were closed, but please come back soon, or something like that.

The guy in front of me turned around and said, “This kind of makes me want to eat at Chipotle every day for the rest of my life.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

Later I noticed Sabrina out on the floor clearing tables and I asked her if the register was now operating and she said it was. So I told her I was willing to pay for our lunch now, but she said, “No sir. We at Chipotle are trying to change the mindset of people in regards to fast-food. We want our customers to know we appreciate their business. The issue was totally our fault, so there is no need for you to pay for your lunches.” Consider my mind-set changed

Now here is a young lady who I am sure isn’t going to be able to retire anytime soon on the pay she is making working in a fast-food restaurant, yet she is the perfect employee. She didn’t just recite the company-speak. She delivered them with conviction. She was excited to about what she was doing. She wanted to do it right. Sabrina is the real deal. How absolutely, insanely, awesome is that?

I called the restaurant manager the next day, and after relating our experience, asked permission to write about it. She was as gracious as Sabrina and granted permission. She also encouraged me to go to Chipotle’s website and write concerning our encounter, which I did…in great detail…with lots of glowing words.

Sabrina and her manager displayed everything one hopes for in an employee. They were kind, gracious and patient. They were straight forward in explaining the issue. They did not make excuses. They simply explained the situation. And maybe most important of all, their actions made me a lifelong customer of Chipotle Mexican Grill.

So go out after you read this go out to your local Chipotle restaurant and order large. The food is fresh and good. The prices are reasonable and just maybe you will have a truly awesome experience. Let me know how it goes and let Chipotle know too.

Be encouraged.

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