Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

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I came across this on a another blog, and thought it was awesome. Is there a reason why Nike and Apple have all the coolest ads?

Isn’t this what many of us do? We are constantly putting something off until tomorrow. Whether it be something that needs to get done. Like a speech to write, or getting something done at work, or even something as mundane as doing the dishes and cleaning the house. Here is what I’m good at putting off; telling somebody something I know they don’t want to hear. I am especially good at not telling someone something they don’t want to hear if the someone is my wife. I hate to tell her I’ve gone over budget, or I didn’t get something done, or, the very worst, I want to do something I know she won’t want me to do.

We all have those things in our life that just nag us. They hang on and we don’t do what needs to done, because…well we just don’t enjoy it. It isn’t fun. It doesn’t make us happy. It isn’t enjoyable. More than likely it is something we don’t like to do.

So what to do? If I had the absolute answer that would fit for everyone, then the entire world would be beating a hot path to my door. That is the trouble with what I see going on in the personal development world. One size fits all. If you just did THIS then everything would be perfect. Well how come not everyone is willing to do THIS. Whatever THIS is.

Let me tell you what I do. If you like it cool. If it works for you then let me know. I am always excited to hear what works for others. The flip side is also true. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know. Tell me what does work for you..

I think of how good I will feel when I get it done. Does it sound kind of cheesy. Well yeah…maybe. But here is the thing, sometimes life can be kind of cheesy. Sometimes it is those simple, slap yourself on the forehead for not thinking of it yourself type of moments. Not good if it is always cheesy, but most of us have had far more cheesy moments than we have had flashes of sheer brilliance. So I think of how grateful I will be when I tell my wife whatever it is that is hanging on my back. I imagine of how nice it will be for the morning dishes to be done and stacked in the drainer. What keeps me going when I get bogged down with the book, is how absolutely stupidly excited and proud I am going to be when I get the book finished and published.

So do it and feel how GOOD it is to be done.

Be encouraged!

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