Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

How many worlds are there?

The other day I heard a man ask, “How many worlds are there?” At first it struck me as being somewhat odd, but like many things the more I thought about it, the deeper the question seemed. How many worlds are there?

Last week we were experiencing an incredibly wonderful, blue sky, seventy degree day. In some parts of the United States this would be considered the norm for the first week of March. However, in Indiana we go nuts in this type of weather. Complete strangers smile and speak to one another as they walk by. They roll their car windows down as they drive.  At home they open  the windows to allow stale winter air out and fresh early spring air in. Seventy degrees during the first week of March is something worth noting on the calendar, and then celebrating annually.

A person happened to be walking along side of me and asked, “Isn’t this weather beautiful?”  “Yeah, but you know what really worries me?” I asked without waiting for a reply, “We’ve had a real light winter with so many warm days. I just wonder how hard we are going to get slammed next year at this time?”

Yep! That’s what I said. Can you believe it? Here I am Mr. Motivational, Positive Thinking Man talking like a downer on meth! Needless to say the conversation didn’t go on much longer, but I was amazed at my response. The bad part is, that is exactly what I had been thinking. There I was walking along in some of the sweetest weather we”ve had in over five months, with the sun warming my shoulders, the sound of birds chirping their excitement, and me worrying about what the weather might be a year from now. Why I was worrying about such a stupid thing is beyond me. I had no clue where the idea came from. It was just there and then it flew out of mouth. I could tell by the look on the woman’s face she was not exactly encouraged by my retort.

Okay so how much time do we spend creating stupid negative stuff? Without consciously deciding to do so.

How many worlds are there? The world I had created for myself was one of worry, concern, and dread. I was thinking about all the ice, snow, and cold of a distant winter. It wasn’t a pleasant world. Truthfully, it was a world I one day hope not to live in. But there I was, creating a world totally opposite of the reality around me.

Do you do that? Sometimes does your mind wander off and suddenly you are in a different world. You get caught up in a world of what ifs, instead of a world of what is. Sometimes that can be a good thing. For instance, my wife and I talk about what will happen as our business grows. That is a good thing. Wondering how horrible a future winter might or might not be, is definitely not a good expenditure of our mental resources.

How many worlds are there? Just as many as you want to create. But let me challenge you to go out and create and insanely, great, and wonderful world right now.

Be encouraged.

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