Life is a Revelation…be encouraged



This art piece was created by Sarolta Ban who was born in Budapest, Hungary. She is passionate about the possibilities of digital photo manipulation. She says from her blog post on, “she hopes that the meanings of her pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect.”

This is my personal aspect.

I was immediately struck by the look of awe and wonder on the child’s face. In the past I’ve seen the light bulb used as an icon for an idea. Look at the size of the bulb compared to the child. Isn’t that a beautiful metaphor for how much bigger our ideas can be than we are. Our ideas have the power to change not only our lives, but our world.

During the short time I’ve posted this blog it has been read by people from South Africa, Malaysia, Norway, and countless other places. It is read by other writers, housewives, ex-hookers, photographers, Sam’s Club cashiers, and God only knows who else.  It has reached people in areas I’ve only read about and most likely, will never visit. It is certainly much bigger than I am.

But that is how ideas are. Seth Godin, the marketing guru, best-selling author, online entrepreneur, calls it viral. I call it freakishly, insanely amazing!

I’m not bragging about this, quite the opposite. I am deeply appreciative of every comment I receive and of everyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to read. But look at what has happened to a blog that was started only a month ago. Folks it was just an idea. I took Seth Godin’s advice which he offered on a Success magazine’s CD. He was asked what to do if a person wanted to get their ideas before other people. He replied, “Start and blog and keep writing.” So thanks Seth (like he is actually reading it, but then again you never know).

We are all just kids, regardless of our age. We act, we posture, we imitate, we do everything we can to be grown-ups, but down deep inside, the place where only we go, we know in our heart-of-hearts we never really grew up.

So be a kid, be fascinated with big ideas, think big ideas, dream big dreams, think you can draw.

And as always…

Be encouraged! 

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