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More wolf stuff

Our good friends at Wolf Creek Habitat ( sent us the above site. It is from a Today Show piece about wolves. Our friends run a compassionate habitat for wolves. They interact with the wolves in a way that allows the to be exposed to man, but in no way tries to domesticate them. The wolves remain exactly what they are…wild, beautiful creatures able to instill awe.

Please check out this link. I believe it is essential that we remember and experience nature. Don’t be deprived of the life that exists all around us.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I always try to convey that sentiment when anyone comments. I love to read what you have to say so please stay in touch.

Thank you and as always…Be encouraged!

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3 thoughts on “More wolf stuff

  1. This is sad! They are beautiful aren’t they?! My brother has 2 alaskan malmutes, they remind me of his dogs. I used to have a neighbor who had a dog that was part timber wolf, and german shepard! He was the coolest dog, and he only had 1 eye!—-Lobo. I’ll never forget him. 🙂

  2. livvy1234 on said:

    I visited a wolf sanctuary in Naples Florida around 2003. I spent time with 4 wolves inside a large caged area. I had never done this before. They came right up to me. I remained completely still while sitting on a log. The biggest wolf opened its mouth wide. I was shocked how big inside it looked. The story of Little Red Riding Hood immediately came to mind. All of a sudden, this wolf started licking my face and arms. I remained still. The other two were nudging me on my back with their nose. I will never forget this experience.

    The wolf is one of my totem animals. I am an animal advocate for shelter animals. The dog is another animal totem, and I advocate for them at the NC General Assembly. I love all animals especially dogs and wolves.

    I have a great book I found at goodwill store called, “The Lost History of the Canine Race. The book was written in 1996. It is about our 15,000 year love affair with dogs. There are some wonderful chapters about wolves. Dogs cannot fend for themselves and are completely dependent on humans. Wolves survey the landscape to stay alive. Wolf literature taught me many things I need to know about life. To abuse or kill a wolf is a grave travesty of humankind. What would we be without the wolves?

    • “What would we be without the wolves?” I don’t know, but I am afraid man is hell bent to find out.

      Thank you for your great comment. I understand completely your recall of Little Red Riding Hood, but I was amazed at the majesty of these incredible creatures. Our hosts were beautiful people who patiently introduced us to wolf culture. My wife and I came away deeply touched by our experience. We talk frequently about how the wolves have changed our lives.

      Hanging in our living room is a beautiful photo of one the wolves. Each time we look at it, we remark on the power and strength (inward) that he posesses.

      Thank you for the advocy work you are doing for them in the NC General Assy, may you be richly (as in spiritually, although if financial reward comes your way don’t turn it down)blessed for your efforts.

      Be encouraged!

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