Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

This was a post from an inspiring blog I follow. I thought not only was it well conceived and written, but also contained a valuable message to people and businesses. Trust is a precious vessel, and once it is broken it is possible to repair, but the reconstructed article will never have the glory, perfection, and value of the original.

Be encouraged!

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging the post Stephen…

  2. We should think this would be common sense. Actually, I’m a designer. I sell LED Decorative Outdoor Lighting, both commercial and residential. There are 2 reason I sell it. 1) It’s absolute. State of the art/ highest quality/ waranteed for life, and maintenance free. 2) It’s green, and the consumer benefits by reducing energy consumption, while at the same time being ‘very satisfied with my design concepts, and PRODUCT results’. My clients trust me the minute we sit down together because I tell them right away ‘I wouldn’t be sitting here with you if these lights didn’t pass my test- my standards’. I can’t create beautiful light, without beautiful lights! I promise they will be more than happy because I have to be MORE than satisfied with the end result! My personal stamp of approval is high, and given with pride. My clients know it—They trust me because it’s not about the money! It’s about beauty, and creativity. In fact, I have actually saved clients money by suggesting they DON’T need certain lights where they thought they wanted them! lol, guess that might make me a lousy sales person!— What matters it the end result. They trust me. More importantly, I trust me! Too many motivated by the cash!

    • You are a great salesperson…because the ONE thing everyone wants is trust. Their is nothing worse than doing business and having to worry if you have covered all the bases from attack or wondering how someone is going to try to out maneuver you.

      And by the way…it is good to here from you…hope all is well.

      Be encouraged!

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