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Head, Heart, & Guts. Could it be this is all we need to be truly successful in every area of our lives? Might it be possible to reduce all the variance of life down to something so simple it could be covered by three diagrams I lifted off of Google images?

Well it might not provide you with the opportunity to become one with everything in the universe, but I’m willing to state it could radically revolutionize most of our lives in a way we never thought possible. Even though I really had to evaluate a lot of disgusting photos to find one that covered Guts without provoking a gag response, I believe these simple drawings portray EXACTLY what we need for a successful life. A life of transformation for us privately and for the businesses we own or work at.

This is the last of a three-part installment. I have arranged these drawings in a certain order, because I believe it is the order they need to be accomplished. Let’s take a look at Guts.

Obviously when you google “guts” you can get some interesting responses. especially if you are searching under Images.  If  you are just doing a regular search then things kind of take a turn toward the bizarre: There is a church in Oklahoma called Guts; a VERY weird article by Chuck Palahniuk; and something about Georgetown University Transportation.

When I think of guts I am reminded of a bumper sticker that was popular when I was much younger, it read: GOD, GUNS, & GUTS IS WHAT MADE THIS COUNTRY GREAT. Although I never was convinced it was the truth, neither did I ever want to engage the owners of those vehicles who had the sticker plastered across their bumper in any type of meaningful dialogue. They tended to be large, burly men with a certain redness reflecting from their necks. Besides they usually had a gunrack cradling a rifle displayed in the back window. Those types of things can severely reduce your desire to prove yourself right.

Needless to say, I am thinking of a different type of guts. The kind that enables you to get up and do what needs to done. It is the part of you that decides to keep pushing when everything in life looks uphill. But let’s be honest…we don’t have that motivation everyday do we?

I am a morning person. The minute the alarm goes off I’m up and raring to go. Jake the Wonder Dog loves it. Susie the Wonder Wife, not so much. But after I’m up there are times when I don’t want to sit down and wrestle with trying to find the exact word to convey what I am thinking as I blog.  I am not excited by the opportunity to answer the 50 -100 emails that show up in my New Mail box every morning.  No that I’m not grateful, because I am, but there are times when all I want to do is put life on pause and go goof off. Just to keep sane, every once in a while I do just that. I take off with Susie the Wonder Wife and simply goof off. But too much of that and all of a sudden instead of 50 – 100 emails, I find 500-1000. Instead of having the time to select the right word or key phrase to express exactly what I am feeling, I am rushing at the speed of light to meet a  fast approaching deadline.

We all have those times don’t we? When we would rather do nothing, or hangout with our buds, or shop, or nearly anything except the job at hand. Well here are few Major Keys I use to keep the motivation high. I put them all in the Key of F:

     Major Key #1 is FREAK. Yeah I’m old enough to remember the 60’s, but this is a little different. Look and think of ideas, situations, and people in entirely new and different ways. Explore different avenues, read different books, look at different magazines, and talk to different people. Do not be afraid to set out in an entirely new way. You need to be unaverage.

     Major Key #2 is FEELING. You need to feel it. Remember it is the root core of what you do. Let it wash over and possess who you are. In other words be authentic. Authenticity is something sorely missing from the business community. When expressed others will feel your authenticity and will respond to it.

     Major Key #3 is FORWARD. Whatever it is you are doing needs to be moving the needle forward. You must be committing value to your life and company each day no matter how insignificant. My stride is only 30 inches. So when I ran across America it took a lot of strides (6,670,930 give or take one or two). Although each one was less than a yard long, when repeated often enough, I was able to cover more than 3,100 miles. each step counts.

     Major Key #4 is FLEXIBLE. Be willing to alter your plans from time to time. Having a map to reach your personal and business goals is important. Without at least an idea of where you want to go you will spend a lot of time chasing down bunny trails. Being flexible is different. Sometimes Plan B is Plan A. You want to roll with the punches. They hurt less if you go with it. Standing rigid and not giving an inch insures optimum bruising.        

     Major Key #5 is FORCE. There will be times when all you can do is take the bull by the tail and face the situation, as my Father liked to say. The only attitude which will get you through the day is your tough, thick hide, perseverance. Fortunately you should not have to use this too often. If you find yourselves resorting to this frequently then you might want to take a serious look at what and how you are doing. Frequent use of FORCE is a big red flag telling you something is dreadfully off track.

     Major Key #6 is FUN. Yuck it up. Learn to turn down the heat and intensity and ratchet up the good times. Blow off steam with your spouse, kids, and/or friends. Turn on the enjoyable. Life is too short to live it any other way. I use this one the most.

     Major Key #7 is FORGIVENESS. There have been times in my life when remembering an offense or disappointment has kept me being at my best. It holds onto my thoughts. I’m not clear and open to give or receive. Forgive others when they fall short, which they will do from time to time. I’m not saying don’t have standards, just realize that we are all human and as a result mistakes are bound to happen. The hardest part is to forgive yourself. Don’t keep beating yourself up when you drop the ball. When you look in the mirror and see the enemy, it is time to make peace. 

     This concludes our HEAD, HEART, & GUTS trilogy. I’ve had fun putting this together. I hope you have found it rewarding. As always, my goal is to encourage you to live a full and exciting life. May all your life dreams become a reality.

Be encouraged.

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8 thoughts on “GUTS HHG

  1. This is great, thank you so much Stephen. I’m sure that each person will take something different from your series, but you have made me realize that what I most need is Guts, and from there: Force (esp. “thick hide”), Fun and outward Freak (I inwardly freak and/or am a freak, but should probably do so more confidently and openly.)
    I have bookmarked your 7 Major Keys portion so that I may ponder it and refer to it whenever I need a Guts pep talk.
    Happiness to you and Susie the Wonder Wife. ~ Lily

  2. Or……May our ‘reality’ become our ‘dream’- Providing us with the key.
    I think quite often, our reality is harboring a dream, secretly! (Ah, that tricky ‘lil reality! 😉
    Sometimes, the things we’re doing everyday, are the very things dreams are made of!
    While we may not ‘see’ these things, they might be starring us right in the face without our being able to recognize them.
    So, may our dreams ‘wake up’ and may we have the wisdom to recognize them.
    And, might the grace of God find us, and open our eyes so that we chase the ‘right dream.’

    We all have free will, free spirit. We all can set out to do, or achieve whatever it is that we concieve. We make our own dreams. We chart our own paths. We strive, and chase those things we desire. We are the master of our soul….BUT,
    Are we?
    What if we stop chasing, and creating, and listen?
    What if we ‘hear’ that secret? Chances are, it’s nothing close to the dream we’re trying to creating. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not suggesting dreams are foolish, nor would I ever discourage anyone from dreaming, or living a rich and beautiful life for that matter. I am wondering though, how many dreams are in vain because we are the ones trying to make them come true! And when they do come true, whose responsible for that reality? I believe the people who get it right, and whose dreams actually do come true, are the ones who have it right with God and their souls path.

    Humbly I believe,
    Letting go, and ‘letting God lead’, holds within itself the golden key that unlocks that all encompassing dream.
    So on this Easter Sunday, may God, and the reality of this life he gave us, become, inspire, and reveal our dreams!
    God Bless The Dream, and all of us!

    • Hi Lauren, I always value your responses and this one was no different. I deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into formulating your response. I believe it is a well thought out comment.

      Yes, I agree with you, our reality may well be masking our dream. I would hope each one of us when we look at what we truly want to do would discover “exactly” what it is we are passionate about. That passion can take many forms: raising our children; loving our significant other; doing our best right where we are planted; our it might be creating an entirely new way of operating a very old business.

      Letting God lead is “the golden key”, but not everyone is ready to hear it put exactly that way. In Psalms David speaks about the “still small voice of God.” It is my prayer as we calm ourselves, turn off the world’s distractions, release the worry, and learn about ourselves, we will hear that voice. To find it requires a certain stillness and a willingness to listen. The “still small voice” is capable of saying things that we would have never thought of, even if it was right in front of us.

      I think we are saying the same thing, but with a different vocabulary. Thanks again for commenting, as I said above, I truly appreciate your thoughts.

      Be encouraged!

      • You are exactly correct in that we say the same type of thing, but convey the thoughts with different words 🙂 Hense my theory “words are powerful”, and as I grow to recognize this more and more, even more so as I actually concieved, the bigger part of vocabulary and how it is spoken is, ‘perception’. Isn’t it amazing how you and I think the same thoughts (basically) but shape them differently? This is sparking an idea in my mind. I will get back to you and elaborate the thought, if that’s ok with you! I appreciate your comments as well my dear 🙂

      • Some time ago I heard the remark, “He who commands the vocabulary wins the argument.” I am fascinated how elements are able to co-op (read: twist and turn their meaning into something no one has ever thought of before) words for their use. I see phenomena in all aspect of our society. Proof, again, of how powerful our words can be.

        Be encouraged!

      • ok, your comments are starting to get a little freaky—I sent you email, and our ideas are so close it is scary!

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