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The Shape We Are In

Just a few things I came across today as I read:

  • Our schools are dysfunctional
  • We are encumbered by burdensome debt and deficits
  • Our infrastructure is decaying
  • Superior employment skills are in short supply
  • Health care costs are debilitating
  • Outsourcing, off-shoring, and automation have crippled the working class
  • Median house hold income is plummeting
  • Jobs are drying up
  • Political leaders are hampered by infighting
  • Government overall is demoralized
  • Innovation is nearly non-existent
  • Regulation are strangling growth
  • Campaign Finance regulations are a joke
  • There are 16,843 pages to Federal Tax Code

So does this depress you? Are you left wanting a stiff drink? Or are you thinking more in terms of Divine intervention? Does it appear hopeless? Is there no sense in trying to do anything, because the issues are simply too overwhelming? Are we near the end of times? Or certainly the times as we’ve always known it?

Here’s what I think.


Oh yeah…I know that puts me right square in the middle of either being a complete idiot or an insanely optimistic individual, who would have been reassuring fellow Titanic passengers help was on the way, even as she tilted forward and began her long decent to the bottom.

Let me explain. I believe these are the exact types of problems that have given rise of to courageous men and woman throughout history. Who, upon carefully understanding the issues of their day, began to seek  innovative concepts, ideas, and theories to resolve them.

They did not sit idly by and watch people, institutions, companies, and a way of life disappear. They got busy, with an unquenchable desire, seeking, trying, experimenting, and doing whatever it took to change their world.

In later posts I’ll be describing some individuals and companies who are giving their best to resolve at least some of these problems.

I don’t have the answers to any of the issues listed above, but I’m willing to help in any way I can. I bet you are too. Look around, see what you can do. If you are blogger keep writing, if you volunteer keep volunteering. Whatever it is that brings about positive change keep doing it. Somewhere there is answer to all of the above problems. I think we will find them.

Be encouraged!

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6 thoughts on “The Shape We Are In

  1. Hear, hear! The people in charge – and the people who want to be in charge – don’t seem to have the answers either. Good suggestions, Steve. As my younger son says, “One step at a time.”

  2. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge on said:

    I am with you! we are on to something really great!!! Growing pains is all, We are Changing our World!!

  3. Bravo. It’s so easy to get sucked into the negative. It takes a leader to have a vision, and we can all be those leaders. Let’s lead! 🙂

    • HI Stu,

      You are exactly right, “we can all be those leaders.” That is what we need to hear. Actually it is what we need to broadcast from every rooftop. Instead of waiting for leaders to come along and articulate what most of us are feeling, we need to be the mouthpiece. Write, talk, give speeches, send in articles to magazines, write op/ed pieces. Whatever it takes. Let this grow from each of us to each of us.

      God can I ever rant…but I hope people will read this and be encouraged. Be encouraged isn’t just a cool tagline…I mean it. Be encouraged to do whatever it is you want to do. We can change our world.

      Be encouraged!

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