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Will You Trust Me?

What is the meaning of the word trust?

Meanings & Definitions

  1. Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something
  2. Acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation


Trust is taking a beating. If you are white, between the ages of 50 -64, married, earning more than $100K a year, and live in a rural area, at the very best, less than half of you are really trusting. If you happen to be black, between the ages of  18 – 29, not married, have a family income of less than $30K, and live in a large city, you are leery of nearly everyone and everything.

I trust no one, not even myself.

Joseph Stalin

Sometimes I wonder if this isn’t where we are headed. Is there a possibility we could eventually not trust anyone, even ourselves?

Given a moment to ponder this, we begin to realize the eventual outcome could be disastrous. What kind of life would we have? How does lack of trust affect our families, friends, businesses. How does it impact the economy, the military, our decisions in life. What does it do to our marriages, ability to love and parent. It is by trust that we feel confident enough to grow and expand. As we lose trust in others we hold tighter to our trust in ourselves. Even if everyone else lets me down, at least I can have faith in myself. But what will happen if I begin to lose belief in what I can accomplish? What kind of results will the results be. How does trust, or the lack thereof, affect what we are able to think, expand, grow, meander, wonder, explore, innovate and create?  

One of the things I have marveled over, since I started blogging, is how guarded we are. As bloggers we are careful not to put too much private information about ourselves out there. Why? Because we are all concerned some psycho will track us down, rape our women (or men), and mutilate our children. In essence we don’t trust. And you know what? I’m one of them. I have revealed my wife is Susie, my dog is Jake (the Wonder Dog), I help raise a couple of cats, I live somewhere in the Midwest, my name is Stephen Edwards, we have a grandson, and that is about it. I guess if someone really wanted to look and search, it would be possible to eventually find me.

I want to trust. I want to trust you, the readers of this blog, my neighbors, the folks who live at the top of our hill, the people we do business with, and I would even like to trust our government. I don’t, but I would like to.

In the business world, the huge buzz word at the moment is passion. You have to be passionate about this or that. You need passion to drive excellence. You need to find your passion. I use/over use it too. It is part of my lexicon when I talk whether I am speaking to individuals or businesses. Here is my prediction for the next buzz word to sweep through business/spiritual/life spheres…trust.

The loss of trust does not leave a vacuum. 

Paranoia takes it place.

 Paranoia Symptoms

Paranoia refers to the perception or suspicion that others have hostile or aggressive motives in interacting with them (for example, “they are out to get me”), when in fact there is no reason for these suspicions. People experiencing paranoia believe that others are persecuting them and have delusional ideas about themselves as central figures in scenarios that in reality have little relevance to them. Minor feelings of paranoia are common, but severe paranoia can cause significant fear and anxiety and can have a pronounced effect on social functioning. Feelings of paranoia can be observed with many psychological disorders, including schizophrenia, as well as with a number of medical diseases, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to multiple sclerosis, that can affect brain function.

Personally, I’m going to work a lot harder on my trust issues.

Be encouraged!


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9 thoughts on “Will You Trust Me?

  1. Here again, you leave me almost crippled in thought! I am such a firm believer in trust, and I am a pathetically trusting person myself I must say. I have lectured my children on this topic over and over, stressing the importance of trust, and how it is characteristic unavailable for purchase! More significantly, once violated, easily diminished and very difficult to reacquire! My X-husband can tell you all about that, and how violating trust can be a very costly mistake, and I don’t mean money wise! That poll is quite poignant, and speaks volumes about our society. I do believe however, when we are raised to trust, we continue to trust our entire lives. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not, particularly after seeing those poll results!

    • Trust is indeed one of those rare concepts…kind of like faith as described in Hebrews…”being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Truth when broken can be repaired, but like a fine porcelain vase, once broken and restored, the fine hairline cracks will always remain.

      The whole poll thing I found downright scary. If you are black or Hispanic, according to the Pew Poll, you simply look at life through entirely different lenses. Says a lot doesn’t it?

      Be encouraged!

      • “different lense” wait till you see your email. I believe I just referred to that exact same comment! and yes, scary, scary, scary. Sad too.

  2. I think it would be interesting to know if the same people grew more or less trusting over time. Here, you can see that the 18-29 yr.olds have lower levels of social trust, but is that this current generation, or did the other age groups also have lower levels when they were younger, and grew to be more trusting as they got older? I think I was more trusting when younger, that the curves that life throws made me a little more cautious even though I am trusting by nature.
    I think the business world yearns for trustworthy employees, while the employees yearn for coworkers and employers whom they can trust. Maybe it is even more difficult to trust in the workplace, with the get-ahead-at-all-costs mentality that can be so pervasive. At any rate, thank you for a thought-provoking post, Stephen.
    I trust you and Susie are having an enjoyable week ~ Lily

    • Hi Lily – You bring up a great point. I was totally trusting as a youngster (supposing most of us tend to be), but then have grown less so as I got older. Pretty much mirroring your trust curve experience. So is not trusting a learned default?

      The business aspect appalls me. Corporations demand absolute fidelity to the organization, then lay off to achieve appropriate market numbers. Employees want to be treated with respect and dignity, then call in sick when they don’t want to come to work, usually on Monday and Fridays.

      Susie and I are enjoying every moment we can of this week. I cherish her presence. Thanks for all the great thought provoking comments. I still smile when I see you have taken the time to write. You are much appreciated by us.

      Be encouraged!

  3. Another thought-provoking article. Sadly, it is no surprise to find the least trustful groups as indicated in that survey. What experiences would they have had that would have engendered trust? How very sad for us all. I don’t exactly agree with the adage, “The loss of trust does not leave a vacuum.” It does leave a hole in your heart.

    Thanks as usual. Jane

  4. I just attended a festival called Confest, filled with hippies who share everything without asking for anything in return just because it makes them happy to do so. In four days it became very easy to feel safe, relax, and trust everyone around me. I started feeling like the majority of people are good, and that I didn’t have to worry so much about the bad ones. The difference between this festival and the “Real World” is that level of trust. Somebody has to take the first step and spread that good will.

    But of course we all do have to be careful not to put ourselves in harm’s way – would you allow your 13 year old daughter to hitchhike, for example? So there’s obviously a line to be drawn somewhere.

    • I’ve never heard of the this festival, but I will be checking it out. You are right with “somebody has to take the first step…” which is what I am trying to do with this blog and our company LifeRevelation.. Whatever I can do to encouraged, promote the growth mindset, and help folks move in their lives from a point of burden and frustration to realizing and grasping the possibilities.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write, I appreciate it

      Be encouraged!

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