Life is a Revelation…be encouraged


I am reblogging this post from Marie Wetmore’s site This is my second reblog in a row, but I feel these are important voices worthy to be heard. If you have any technical trouble viewing the video, click on the address for mobile users.

The young man, Autistic salutatorian Eric Duquette, is a perfect example of having a growth mindset. No failures in his life, only opportunities to grow and learn.

This story is especially close to my heart. One of Grandsons is autistic. He, also, has a growth mindset and has taught our family many important lessons about how to approach obstacles in our lives.  In the future I will write his story. I have often been inspired by his tenacity and accomplishments.

As always I hope you find motivation in this post. I hope you gleam a morsel of truth, which helps. Thanks for reading.

Be encouraged!

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  1. Great share. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  2. Great post thanks Stephen!

    • Yeah, this one hit close to home. Thanks for the comment Tim. It is always nice when someone will take the time to leave a message. By the way I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest blog. Not that I exactly reach the world, but I would be honored if you would consider it. Just let me know.

      Thanks…and be encouraged!

      • I would love to Stephen! That would be awesome. Is there any particular topic that you would like me to write about?

      • Hey Tim, I have complete trust in your judgement. If you would like, just email your composition to I’ll copy and post and introduce you to my (seems funny to say my) readers. Thanks for accepting and I look forward to whatever moves you. By the way, no rush, just whenever the spirit moves.

        Be encouraged!

      • You know what Stephen! I have something that I have been working on that I just need to tweak in to a post. I should have it to you later today, end of the weekend at the latest! Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!

  3. Thanks for sharing very inspiring

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