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Before We Go Any Further

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Here is my point…lying and believing are intertwined. Someone once commented they believed people wanted to hear a lie just as often as they wanted to be told the truth. While I”m not ready to whole-heartedly embrace that philosophy, I do believe there is a connection between lying and what we want to hear.

Do I believe there should be a NO LYING DAY? Absolutely. I would love to see the concept reported on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the news wires, and go viral. What a great concept. The realty will probably fall far short.

Why? Because many of us are simply comfortable in our lies. It is where we live and work. Our lies are no more a distinct separate part of our existence. They are part and parcel of who we are. We have lived and breathed them for so long, that our lies feel like the truth, and the truth now feels as strange as lies once did.

We operate in a world that not only encouraged the use of falsehoods, but actually, it many respects rewards it. Whatever the reason for lying, we are masters at justifying it. All the way from “everybody does it” (which is probably true) to “it wasn’t REALLY a lie.”  If we want to, we can find an excuse.

I have received several emails and comments about this subject. Many writers were intrigued by the question of morality it raises, others were more interested in the philosophical underpinnings. There were writers who complained of my over-simplified explanation. The point is, the issue of lying, deserves to be a topic of conversation. It needs the light of us blog writers, the press, think tanks, TED talks, church groups, and folks sitting around having a few beers. In my heart I believe change bubbles up. Only when we the common folk, the 99%, the silent majority, or whatever it is we are going by now, rise up and say, “Wait a minute! This is an issue. Lets talk about it.”, we are going to continue to experience an erosion of truth it all its forms.

I hope this post causes you to think. After you think about lies, and truth, and the role you play in it, maybe you will talk. Start a conversation with a loved one, or your child, the neighbor, your pastor, those in your study group, or any one who is willing to listen. With all my heart I believe change bubbles up. And, just maybe, some day we really will have a day of NO LYING.

Be encouraged!


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17 thoughts on “Before We Go Any Further

  1. One of the guides in my book suggests this very thing – a No Lie Day. The psychology around lying has intrigued me for some time. I think it is linked to very primitive social interaction where deceit was a survival mechanism. Primates observed, have shown sophisticated levels of deceit with one another – usually the insubordinates deceiving the higher echelons of the group. They do this to acquire food, or access to a mate etc. All things that ordinarily they might have to resist or at least wait their turn. The more social we have become and with the advent of complex language I suppose our propensity to lie more and more subtly has increased. Think of: ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ Tell the truth, tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a lie???? Thanks for the thought provocation. 🙂

  2. This is one of my pet peeves about people these days. So many people think that you have to lie to get ahead. I’m a very honest person…to the point that I’ve joked about there being truth serum running through my veins. Ha ha…but as much as sometimes I’d rather not be honest about things…I’m glad that I live that way. I’d like to see every day be a ‘no lie’ day. A lot of people would freak out though…and a lot of illusions would be revealed about some people whose whole lives are based so much on lies. Thank you for your blog! –Anne

    • Thank you Anne, for being honest. Maybe if we started thanking folks for their honesty, they would do it more often. I am on a crusade. Stephen Edwards’ own little holy war for honesty and everyone is welcome to join.

      Thanks also Anne for taking the time to comment. I realize with all the time restraints everyone has it is often difficult to find the moments to write, and so I deeply appreciate it when anyone does.

      Be encouraged!

  3. I agree with you! The Bible says lieing is just as bad as murder, or any other sin. I’ve seen the effects of lieing in my own life, from others and yes…my own self. Even what most consider the little white ones…like Santa, or The Easter Bunny. There comes a time when we have to tell our children the truth or watch them face torment for still believing. I think that is also the reason for so much of soceital breakdown is that we lie to ourselves about what is right and wrong, and we call it politically correct. I love that you want to start a campaign and I agree that as bloggers we need to address the truth, and what is a lie. Journalism (and I mean the true basis of what journalism is suppose to be) is no longer based on finding the truth, but on propagating the lie, and we as bloggers, need to strive to bring back the true form of jounalism. I would love to repost your blog here onto my blog, and help the idea along…if that is alright with you?

    • First let me tell you how much I admire your efforts in putting Christ front and center. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity to read a few of your posts, but I admire your unabashed stance for our Lord. Of course, you may reblog any post of mine you wish. I understand in the blog community there is an element of distrust and protectionism, probably for good reason. However, I have a feeling of trust toward you and so we are just not going to play those games.

      Thank you for your gracious words describing my writing. I, too, am amazed at what passes for journalism today…it is a far cry from my days of lying in front of the TV and listening to the deep rolling voice of Walter Cronkite. Today, I am left with a good idea of what the commentator or writer believes happened during a specific event, but rarely do I know what ACTUALLY happened.

      It is my heart’s desire for people to rise up and say enough is enough. We will no longer buy, read, or listen to lies and opinions. Tell us what happened or what was said, and we will formulate our own opinion. Daily I do the heavy lifting of trying to remove my own clouded lenses of perception, I don’t need to do theirs as well.

      My apologizes for the length of this reply, it is one of my true weaknesses. I couldn’t keep it short if my life depended on it. lol

      Be encouraged!

      • And I don’t expect you to keep it short, because the words of our hearts vary with what God gives us to express, and all of it is important to the truth in your feelings. I believe even a contraction is important to the expression of the truth. I also agree with you about being able to form our own opinions. I’ve often found myself irritated over seeing things reported days after they happened, and not aobut the facts in them, but more of the opinion of one side or the other. To this end, I began doing my own research into finding real news even if I have to read the news for outside the U.S. to get it. I will spend hours researching the facts just to satify my feeling of getting to the truth. I think that is part of my Christian faith is to seek the truth and not fall for all the lies put before us.
        Anyway, I am going to “Press” your blog post about stopping the lieing, and see if I can’t spread the message more. I think you have hit upon something that really needs to be addressed, and I believe you are right about bloggers being a big part of doing that.

      • You honor me with your words and intentions…thank you. I am hoping for a positive impact on others.

        Please keep in touch, my email is, if you want to go off blog.

        Be encouraged!

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  6. I’m glad you decided to bring up this subject of how easily lies have entered the mainstream.

    • I wish the idea of a National Day of Truth would catch fire. I don’t believe it ever will, because of how deep the concept of lying has penetrated into our society. I’ve never heard of any person calling for an end to lying…even from churches…and maybe some folks think that would be the last place to look…which is another post I could write (or you).

      Lying is now part of our culture. I’ve heard parents tell their children to lie, bosses tell their employees to lie, unfortunately, I’ve heard pastors lie to their congregation, because “it was better for them.”

      Writing these posts (as well as the ones to come) have caused me to look deeply into my own life. I only hope we can nudge a few in the right direction. I am reminded of the story of the little kid who is walking along the beach where thousands of star fish have washed up. He is furiously picking them one-by-one and throwing them back into the ocean. When His Dad tells him he can’t possibly make a difference because there are just too many of them, he picks up another one, holds it up for his Dad to see, then pitches it back into the salt water, and says, “It made a difference to that one.”

      It may be only a few we make a difference to, but I believe they and their loved ones will deeply appreciate it.

      Be encouraged!

  7. I am so glad I found this post! I am as honst as possible and cannot lie by intent, (sometimes little lies slip out, which I still find weird) Yet I am passionate about meaning what you say and saying what you mean (with tact) I try to not tell my kids any of the usual Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy type lies out of great concern that when the truth is revealed they my also descide the truth of Christ is too far from believeable! How terrifying! I want them to trust me, because when I learned that I had been misled for most of my life by the one person I believed more than anyone (a parent) it destroyed my trust in more than just them and their words, I lost trust in myself! Thankfully God’s love is ever abundant and covers all things. I am healing many conditions with His love, and putting His truth into every lie we have been fed, and want to share that with as many as possible, Honestly! 🙂
    Keep up the good’honest’ work!

  8. livvy1234 on said:

    I feel sad for the children. So many lies on the media, so many cover ups. Since America had a great fall, there have been lies and more lies.

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