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OH YEAH…now this is what I mean by encouragement! Nobody has informed this little girl about what she is unable to do…only encouraged her to do what she can do…and look where it has taken her.

I got a idea…go out and find some little kid and say something encouraging to them…then just watch their faces light up…it will do your soul good…and who knows how encouraging it will be to them.

Be encouraged!

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First Grader Without Hands Wins National Penmanship Award.

Despite being born without hands, first grader Annie Clark of Pennsylvania’s Wilson Christian Academy recently won the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship which is part of the Zaner-Bloser 21st Annual National Handwriting Contest. For winning, Annie will receive $1,000 and a trophy.

Very inspiring!

Thought of pressing this very touching article…Kudos to Annie who wants to be a writer…

Source Article: Laughing Squid

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