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After publishing “It’s Late & I’m Tired” I was preparing to close my files and go home, when I noticed I had received one email. When I clicked on it I found this blog. Kris, a makeup artist, and several of her associates were the victims of an apparent plagiarism by a competitor.  I found it interesting to read and felt it only highlighted (like we all don’t have hundreds of examples in our lives) what I’ve been saying.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Be encouraged!

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  1. Yes, this place is wonderful, and its terrible at the same time. What a bummer. Its why a lot of people I know won’t post much at all on the internet though.

  2. Sorry to read how you were robbed, and you were by the way, when someone else uses your words, your copy-written words mind you, they might as well be stealing your wallet from you. It is a shame that it happens I see it a lot online I have seen entire posts on 2 separate blogs with each blog taking credit.
    As writers it is something we have to deal with online unfortunately

    • The part that really got my juices flowing about Kris’s post was the email sent by the woman who had plagiarized her demanding she immediately, under the threat of being sued for defamation of character, stop telling people she had plagiarized her. The party who initiated the situation ends up claiming she was wronged. I have seen this happen many times in the corporate world. Proving the old saying, “The best defense, is a good offense.”

      Be encouraged!

  3. That’s a real shame…

  4. Sadly, if only people would ask, it might clear the air…

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