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It’s Late & I’m Tired

This afternoon while listening to the local NPR station, I heard a remark about how we elect politicians that got to me to thinking.

When we vote, all we do is pull a lever. On the new computerized voting machines we simply point. It is not  much of an effort. In reality, it is quite simple, which is a good thing. It does not require a manual. Nor do we need to be supervised by anyone. In other words, the learning curve is relatively flat.

However, this easy to do, modest action, when done by enough of us, is so powerful it elects the President of the Unites States. When we band together on a certain day and all do a single function, the result is we either elect a new president or confirm the current.  That is power.

This got me to thinking about other areas of life outside of politics. For those of you who have read my last few blogs, you know I have been discussing lies and Truth. What if we applied this meek, unassuming principle to Truth? Instead of voting, we all did something else…like told the Truth for one day.

Could one day make any difference?

Lets look at some facts about the 2008 election…

131,257,328       Voted for one of the Presidential candidates

169,000,000     Registered voters

201,500,000     Eligible to be voters

83.8%                     Of those who could register to vote did

77.6 %                   Of registered voters who did vote

Now lets veer off in another direction.

Following the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in 2010 a firestorm has swept across Northern Africa and the Mid-East. Corrupt and dictatorial governments have fallen. Estimates of between 42,000 – 52,000 people have been killed. They are dying for change. People are simply no longer willing to accept the status quo.

Stay with me as we make another turn.

The Occupy Movement has started, sputtered, started, and sputtered again. Inspired (in part) by the Arab Spring, the Canadian activist group Adbusters wanted to focus the world’s attention on social and economic inequality. They adopted the tag, “We Are the 99%.” Their latest attempt in changing the world is to call for a general strike on May 1, 2012.

So why this meandering text? I’m trying to demonstrate that if a few are willing to bind together for a cause it can grow into something of incredible power.

So how does it apply to this blog?

Don’t accept lies anymore. When people begin to lie, stop them and say, “Please, just tell me the Truth.”

Does all of this seem naive? More simpleton than simple? Might you be wondering if I’m not taking this Truth thing too far? Perhaps thinking I’m staring at the computer screen far too long?

Possibly…but someone, somewhere, sometime decided enough was enough. It is time for a change. Several of my posts have ended with a huge rallying cry as my attempt to motivate the masses…but not this time…its late and I’m tired…I’m hoping a couple of you are actually reading this and not hitting the “LIKE” at the top of the page, then the “DELETE” key…and just maybe one or two will say, “You know he may be a little weird, but he’s right…let’s tell the Truth today and see what happens.

Be encouraged!

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15 thoughts on “It’s Late & I’m Tired

  1. I used to be greatly interested in politics. I’m one of the greatly disillusioned regarding this topic. It’s a big game for most of the politicians I think, with the media playing along, and with ‘we the people’ as the pawns. But that doesn’t mean I won’t at least ‘try’ to make my voice heard come election time. In regards to truth telling…its a wonderful thought, what you say. But they’re all so full of lies…regardless of party…that I don’t even know where to start to make a change, short of a complete overhaul. And the truth is that there are still a whole lot of people who seem to think those who lie the best are those who are strongest. Just my humble opinion, of course.

    • Anne, first of all your opinion means a lot to me. From what I’ve read of your blog you are woman of moral fiber, faith in Christ, and eyes wide open. You are right, when you look at the big picture it simply gets overwhelming. But look at the Arab Spring…one man sets himself on fire as a result of being hassled by the police…and the nation goes berserk…they are fed up…they won’t take it anymore…I’m not saying we need to get crazy…I think all we can do is refuse to be a part of it ourselves anymore…we tell the Truth.


      It really isn’t anymore complex than that. However, I think there are millions of people in our country who have told so many little lies that they are now caught up in a huge web of deceit…and I’m not talking just about politicians…it is everybody…from top to bottom. For them to tell the Truth about one thing would cause the house of cards to come tumbling down…in their marriage, job, relationships, everything…they feel like they can’t afford it on any level.

      Oh Anne…here I go again…so sorry about the length.

      Be encouraged!

      • 🙂 It’s okay. I understand. I sort of become a whole different person at times when I start thinking about this stuff. And yet, I think it’s very important not to just shove it aside out of frustration. I hate lies with a passion. And I agree with you…it isn’t just the politicians. You’re right that it has become ingrained in our society. I apologize for my little rant there. 🙂 To you I say what you always say…be encouraged!! 🙂

      • Thank you Anne…I love your kindness, humility, and grace. Please enjoy the rest of this evening, soon to be morning…I’m old and still at the office…so I’m heading home…blessings to you in the Name of Christ our Saviour.

        Be encouraged!

  2. Hi Stephen. I haven’t said much about your Lying posts because I have never been into lying. I can remember lying once as a child, more along the lines of exaggeration. I am very reserved, don’t tell much about myself in real life unless I know someone fairly well so I should be a lot more open– but lying never had much of an appeal. I think I took the Commandments to heart at a young age and kept them there.
    Count me as another “sick-of-All-politics” person. Ugh.
    Greetings to Susie and JakeTWD, too. ~ Lily

    • Oh Lily, it is so good to get a word from you. Was just telling Susie last night that I hadn’t heard from you for a while, but I knew you were still alive, because you keep posting.

      I think if we had kept those ten commandments in our hearts at a young age, all of us could have avoided a tremendous amount of pain. No problem about being reserved, especially on the internet. I’ve taken the liberty of being more open, only because I wanted to encourage it among my readers and felt it was necessary to go first. So far so good. Everyone has been great and I’m very grateful.

      Will pass along your good tidings to Susie and Jake TWD.

      Be encouraged!

  3. free penny press on said:

    I’ll make my comment short and sweet..
    Truth teaching is our reason for being..
    nuff said 🙂

  4. I would rather tell the truth than lie..;)

  5. I applaud your courage in diving into the fraught topic of politics. I’m not ready to go there yet myself. Sadly, I’m in the same place as Anne and Lily, and I’m considered to be an idealist! It’s far more complicated than politicans lying. In the US it’s about power and especially the money attached to the power; in Canada it’s about the power and to possibly a slightly lesser extent the money (there’s not as much allowed to flow). I never thought I would live to say or believe this! I understand the reality that if you’re not elected you can’t make the changes for the better that you want for your fellow citizens. And that it’s hard to take the hard road when your opponent is using other tactics. And I understand that not everyone agrees with what is best for their fellow citizens – or themselves. But the place we have now found ourselves in, where people can be convinced by misinformation, manipulated by ads and media, and money, I don’t know how it gets untangled. It’s disheartening beyond belief. And this is with what is the “best” system the world has known. Very sad.

    The bright spot is that occasionally, when it gets bad enough, voters rise up and do the right thing despite what they’ve been told! We’ll try to be encouraged.

    • Hi Jane, You are right…it is not easy to be encouraged. But (I’m letting my but get in the way) even with that said, I believe when people finally will have had enough, someone, somewhere will rise up and say, “That’s it. I’ve had enough. I WILL NOT take money from every powerful lobby known to Man. I WILL NOT say one thing, then do exactly the opposite once elected. I WILL NOT romance you with promises made in multi million dollar ad campaigns. What I WILL do is this. I WILL tell the Truth. I WILL do what I say. Vote for me.”…and when that day arrives, I will for vote again for the first time in decades, because I WILL believe them.

      Power and money…I hope I never have a lot of either, lest I become exactly what I rail against in this blog.

      Be encouraged!

  6. I agree that truth should be at the forefront and that if we “bind” together, we can make a difference. There have been too many lies for too long.

  7. livvy1234 on said:

    Its difficult for people to know the truth. First, they must want to do self study. They must yearn to understand the value of their life and place in humanity. Self study is telling the truth to yourself. Its being able to take yourself and others into the dark rooms of your inner house. Truth is about diving deep within, to look without judgement at manipulation, striving, and agressing. To look at how I do it in the most subtle ways without sometimes realizing I am doing it…all because I want people to see me “in the light” room of my inner house…example…the Living Room where I can be polite, nice, purty, well coiffed, smart, and not have any deficiencies showing….no, my slip won’t show – the truth about my own hypocrisy. I think this is my journey. I do not know about others. People have dust in their eyes.

    • The most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life was when I decided to truly know myself…the agony, fear, and sometimes just plain hard work nearly broke me…but it essential…and maybe not as difficult for everyone.

      But knowing myself has enabled me to form more honest and open relationships…and maybe most importantly to really love myself.

      Thanks for taking the time to write…I always enjoy hearing from you…your thoughts cause me to think about how, why, and what I believe.

      Much love and many blessings to you.

      Be encouraged!

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