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Okay I will admit…this is pretty much a self-portrait. Not every day, but definitely sometimes. I saw it during a Google search. I can’t remember exactly what it was I was looking for when I found this, but it immediately made me snort while I laughed out-loud. I put it in my swipe file (please no litigation) so I could use it with an idea that sprang up in my mind the moment I saw it. So what was this great idea/concept/reality?

How much effort do we put into living our lives? How much true work do I throw at changing the type of person I am into the type of person I want to be? Am I strong? Do I keep focused? Do I restrain the urge to charge down the many bunny trails that present themselves to me throughout the day? Are there days when I only go through the motions?

A word of caution here…I am not talking about being a monster caffeinated, type-A personality who attacks life like one of those guys I see on a hyped up zero turning radius mower flying across the local landscape with a thunderstorm coming.

I am describing a person who stays dedicated to using the experiences of life to become a better person. To make our world just a little bit easier to live in. For those of you have taken the time to read my “about” page (and I highly suggest you to do so, if you haven’t…it will help you understand the “why” behind my writing) you understand I have come a long way. No longer am I on first name basis with the local, state, and federal law enforcement agents. It has been decades since I had the opportunity to have black ink rolled over my fingertips and my photo taken with a placard containing a series of numbers hanging around my neck. It is a very powerful motivator to keep moving forward.

I am now married to the most wonderful woman in the world. We have semi-great children whom we love with all our hearts, even though we sometimes wonder when they will actually stand on their own. We have two awesome grandchildren who light up our lives beyond belief. There is Jake the Wonder Dog, Molly the Vampire Cat, OC the World’s Tiniest Kitty, and just recently we agreed to rescue Callie the World’s Most Over-Fed Husky and Snowball the Cat Whose Name We Are Seriously Thinking About Changing To Zip (for the obvious reason). We are members of a small Eastern Orthodox church.

I have much to be grateful for (and I am). But there is still much work to be done.  I still struggle with many demons and shortcomings. I fall down, I get up. While the falls are no longer as dramatic, the rising is just as hard.  Here are a few motivators I keep in mind throughout the day.

     1) Is it (or she) on my agenda for the day.

     2) You never fall alone.

     3) The older you get the harder it is to get back up.

     4) Everyone else has issues they are working on too.

     5) Will this be so important tomorrow?

     6) There is no such thing as failure, just something else to deal with.

     7) Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

     8) Water seeks its own level. (this is something my Dad use to say…it will take far too long to explain…just trust me)

     9) I am already equipped to do what needs to be done.

     10) Did I mention I am married to the greatest woman in the world?

Your motivators may be much different from mine (at least I hope so, or #10 is going to be a tough one), but I would love to hear them (and BTW I have many more motivators than the one I mentioned…but that is another post). What is it that keeps you moving faithfully forward. If it is your faith tell me about it. If it your child, let me know. If it is something you hold deep within you, let us know.

Thank you for your time.

Be encouraged!

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27 thoughts on “Want…Get

  1. free penny press on said:

    Great post.. I too have come from a valley.. might not have had law enforcement on my tail, but I was in an abusive marriage for 20 yrs. I rarely talk about it because it was so brutal and that was over there and I am over here. In the sunshine..
    So on days where I feel a bit of doubt (and yes, there are a few of those) I remember over there and know my purpose is to be here sharing love, compassion, respect with myself and others..
    The knees are getting old mind you, but somehow I always get that extra boost up. I know you know what I am saying..

    • Thanks for your comment…we never know what other bloggers have experienced…glad you are in the sunshine…I like that analogy.

      Indeed I do understand what you are saying about the knees…in that moment before we get up is when the prayer takes place.

      Be encouraged!

  2. Inspiring…loved this passage

    “How much effort do we put into living our lives? How much true work do I throw at changing the type of person I am into the type of person I want to be? Am I strong? Do I keep focused? Do I restrain the urge to charge down the many bunny trails that present themselves to me throughout the day? Are there days when I only go through the motions?”

  3. enjoyed reading your post today

  4. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen – i love this scripture and sometimes we need lots of faith

    • I didn’t know how many folks would know that was Scripture…but I’m very glad you caught it. Before I became a Christian that was the only piece of Scripture I knew. I have no idea how I learned it. I never read the Bible and had never been to church, but somehow it became embedded in my mind. Sometimes late at night/early in the morning when I would be at my home lying on the floor waiting for the last effects of the cocaine and alcohol fueled night to wear off, I would think about that phrase. I would roll it around in my mind trying to figure it out. Not understanding it never brought any type of stress, in fact, just the opposite. As I thought about it peace would envelop me. It wasn’t till years later I would understand He was there all the time.

      Be encouraged!

      • He was telling you to have faith and not give up hope just because you couldn’t see the end. I teach a Sunday school class to adults.

      • You bet He was…I am always in humble amazement that the Creator, The Great I AM took time to look in on a drug fueled con artist. I have never forgotten those moments…and remember there is always hope…even for those who appear to be the biggest losers.

        BTW…let those you teach in Sunday school know to never, never, never give up on praying for someone. 🙂

        Be encouraged!

  5. Dave on said:

    I enjoy the challenges I put out there for myself. It is entirely up to me. Whatever I want out of life, is possible but, it takes a focused effort to go get it.

    Never do I ridicule myself for having a ‘lazy’ day. When I have one, it is exactly what I want out of life at that moment. I focus on ‘lazy’ at that moment. So, not is it only a lazy day, it is a great lazy day.

    There will be ‘off’ days but, that is just a prelude for the many ‘on’ days to follow. The ‘off’ days are great learning vehicles just as the ‘on’ days.

    Don’t think we’re related but, my father used the same example of water seeking its’ own level 🙂 He is still a major motivator for me, 18 years after his death.

    Thanks for a very inspirational post.

    • Excellent thought Dave…I used the same philosophy when I trained for ultras…some days I just didn’t have it in me to run 50 or 60 miles…I found by listening to that “inner voice” I always did much better.

      Be encouraged!

  6. What a wonderful encourage!

  7. Loved this post, actually I love all your posts! 🙂 Beautiful said, thank you!

  8. It is what we put into our lives, ourselves, that we get out of it.
    If we didnt fall down (and God knows I have) how would we learn?
    Falling down is part of life, but you have to get up swinging, failure is just another lesson it does not have to define us, and should not define us.

    • Thanks Jim, and you are absolutely right. Falling down is a part of life…just look at how we learn to to walk…it doesn’t change much as adults…we just have different names for it.

      Be encouraged!

  9. “You never fall alone.” I believe in this wholeheartedly. However, I have to remind myself of it on a daily basis. In some situations, it’s as if I’ve been kicked to the ground and just can’t find the energy to get up and keep going. Granted, that’s relatively how my life goes. However, what pushes me forward is my writing and my ability to be an inspiration to other kids and families that have kids with disabilities. Since having a disability myself, I know the overwhelming need for something that can pull you out of the darkness of self pity. Though I had admitting it, I’ve been in that darkness many many times. However, through writing my memoir, I’m beginning to see all of the people that I’m already helping (seen primarily through my blog), and it is an amazing, amazing feeling.

    • Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you get to use the…ahem…”difficult”…moments in your life to help others. In a reply, I wrote something about being on the floor of my condo, in the mid morning hours after a night on the town, while waiting for the effects of cocaine and alcohol to eventually wear off so I could climb into bed and get some sleep. Some one read it and sent me a long thank you for letting them know how far I’ve come and that there is hope for everyone.

      Continue to use your experiences…no one has a better voice than you when writing about you. You will continue to have that awesome feeling that comes when you are helping others with disabilities in their hour of darkness. The poplar phrase for it these days is paying it forward…me?…I just thought it was called being a decent human being.

      You are the best!

      Be encouraged!

  10. I love your list of motivators, Stephen. Also, that above all you stress the importance, the aim, of being a good person out there in this world (because sometimes it seems that is all we have going…). Thank you for the reminders, and the motivation, as always. ~ Lily

  11. :-O When did you get that picture of mine?

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