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Now We Know

Vigan Tafili – Nagivity – is a 17 years old really talented artist based in Peja,Kosovo. Using mainly Adobe Photoshop to create his artworks, he’s also takes part in groups like: HeartSurge, IN, ArtJunks, Espadon 21, EvokeOne.

His first contact with computer arts was 3 years ago when he was 13 years old. He started as photographer, continued as photo editor, then finally becoming a digital artist.

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I am sure you have always wondered about this during those quiet times of solitude when it is just you and your thoughts.  Your mind has entertained a wide spectrum of ideas concerning it. No doubt you have given yourself over to countless hours pondering, thinking, and wondering. It has even encroached into those other times in our lives. The times when we are supposed to be doing something important, and yet our minds tend to drift off. For instance, instead of having laser-like attention to the traffic flowing around you at 70+ mph on the interstate, your thoughts have drifted.  When our brains drift, this is the inevitable question they always drift to isn’t it?

“Gee, I wonder why I enjoy talking about myself so much?”

Well put your worries to rest. According to today’s Wall Street Journal now we know. Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir and her colleague Jason Mitchell, after conducting experiments, have concluded, “Self-disclosure is extra rewarding.” Ms. Tamir even goes further to state, “People were even willing to forgo money in order to talk about themselves.”  Based on paying out on a sliding scale of up to four cents per question, according to Ms. Tamir, people preferred to talk about themselves so much they were willing to give up between 17% to 25% of their potential earnings to do so. Their findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The scientists used a magnetic resonance imaging scanner to discover, “Generally, acts of self-disclosure were accompanied by spurts of heightened activity in brain regions belonging to the meso-limbic dopamine system, which is associated with the sense of reward and satisfied from food, money, or sex.”

So fellow bloggers, now we know. We aren’t really trying to change the world. We aren’t writing in hopes of making our family, friends, and those around us have a better understanding of who we are. We are not writing  because we feel it deep within our very being of who we are. We are not even writing to cleanse ourselves, as has been suggested buy some of my readers.

We are simply addicted to the rush of dopamine.

Normally I would follow this thought with a train of ideas I have about it, but I’m feeling a little weak and woosy and I think I might need a fix, so…

My life started nearly 57 years ago on a dark and windy night…LOL.

Have fun today and make you sure you share some deep secret about yourself so you won’t go into dopamine withdrawals.

Be encouraged!



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17 thoughts on “Now We Know

  1. Indeed, now we do know! Love the art!

  2. totally agree – writing to make people know who i am

  3. Good find. Interesting stuff! 🙂

  4. Love the art and the post as well

  5. Hmm mm I get that rush from exercise and I don’t always talk about myself but as you might know, I, I, I, me , me , me… 😆 Loved this post. Food for thought. 😉

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