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The awesome photo above can be found at The blog site of John, but people call him Ripley.


While rambling around the internet I stumbled across an insightful article by Jennifer Hagy, who is a contributor to Forbes magazine. The website address is

In her article she shares six reasons why we can be denied greatness and happiness. They are:

  1. Availability…we settle for what is in front of us.
  2. Ignorance…we don’t know how to make something great.
  3. Committees…mandatory consensus.
  4. Comfort…we’ve actually got it pretty easy already.
  5. Momentum…we’ve been doing what we’re doing for years.
  6. Passivity…difference between agreeable and agreeing to everything.

She has some simple entertaining drawings that easily highlight her points. Click on the address and check it out…it’s worth it.

Be encouraged!

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15 thoughts on “Over @

  1. So very true…We tend to settle for what is convenient…We just don’t try or challenge ourselves..We don’t go out of our comfort zone… this post!

  2. So true! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  3. Steve, love your tag line, “be encouraged!” I loved Jennifer’s Venn diagrams and commentary. Before Lex and I married, we talked about how we could simplify our lives, and we actually have a lot less now, living together, than we did when we lived in two separate abodes. Our values were this: If you can get in at the library, don’t buy it unless you read it and find it of value… start in the Clearance section (I was a single mom!)… if you’re giving more to your cable company than you are to your faith community, re-examine your priorities.

    Happy to be living in Madison with rabbit ears on our TV and our daughter excelling in art school – in part because of her communication skills and voracious reading… Peace, and thanks for coming to my blog. I’m subscribing now! Amy

    • Big thanks Amy, Sounds like you and Rex are doing it right…Susie and I pitched the TV a long time ago, because it no longer represented the way we believe…amazing to discover how much time we now have for reading, talking, and just plain hangin’ out with each other…we love it.

      Thanks for deciding to follow…best wishes to you, Rex, and your daughter.

      Be encouraged!

  4. Because so many are spinning their wheels just to get through the day, they can’t think outside the box. It takes energy to do something new. I expect this is the reason more people don’t unless it’s brought to their attention. Hey, YOU! When’s the last time you … etc.

  5. Cool but a bit scary too. 😉

  6. well said very good.!!! thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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