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Virtue #5–Beauty

beautiful nature 2 26 reasons to see the world (26 HQ photos)

Beauty, have I covered it all? There is the female/male beauty. There is the children beauty and the older people beauty. There is beauty that lies outside of the interstates. There is beauty that lies inside the interstate. There is the inner beauty you can see and sense in others and even sometimes in your self.

Truth is there is all kinds of beauty and it is everywhere. You can find it in the lean-to shanties on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. It is in the inner city and downtown of Detroit. It is on the high fashion runways of New York, Paris and Milan. It is in the cabins and old farm houses of rural Appalachia. I have seen in the faces of school children throughout America. I read it in the words of everyone one of the blogs I follow. I sense it in the flow of water over rocks in the creek behind our home. It is in the creak of the stairs as my wife ascends to our bedroom. I have beheld it in the color of leaves and on the backs of the box turtles that creep across our open field. I have had my breath taken away by the glow of street lights in a small town in Illinois and felt the gasp of excitement as my plane touched down on my first trip to Japan.

There is beauty in each of our children and grandchildren. There is beauty in each of our pets. There is beauty inside and outside of our home. There is beauty on the back roads leading to our property. There is beauty in the people we live around. And most importantly there is beauty in you.

There is a special and grand beauty in my wife. Not just in her face or the way she moves her lithe body, but in everything she does. The way she reaches for the towel, when she has washed her face or draws the comb through her shoulder length blonde hair. The way her lips form to say, “I love you.” The look she gets when I acknowledge her importance to me. There is beauty in her thoughts and compassion for others. To me she is what true beauty is. It isn’t something you have, or see. It is something that goes deeper, it penetrates flesh and tissue. It originates in that place we call heart and soul. From there it flows out in wave after wave, it envelopes our being.

So is beauty a virtue? You damn right it is! And it is everywhere. After you read this, get up from the computer, walk around where you live, look at the window sill, look at the door facings, look at the chairs in the living room, look at your significant other, look at your photos of family and friends, now go look in the mirror…it is all beautiful.

Be encouraged!

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12 thoughts on “Virtue #5–Beauty

  1. This post is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awww, this is so beautiful. “There is a special and grand beauty in my wife. Not just in her face or the way she moves her lithe body, but in everything she does.” Great post.

  3. Glad you chose to write about this virtue. I think it’s one of the most important virtues. Of course, beautifully written! Just what I needed to read this evening!

    • Well thank you Karen, I’m always happy to add a little uplifting reading to your life…someday we are going to have to have a long dialogue about writing…whenever we both have the time…lol.

      Be encouraged!

  4. AgrippingLife on said:

    Everything is beautiful in it’s own way… Remember that song?
    Loved this post!

  5. Beautifully penned and vividly demonstrated with the photos. Makes me ponder how much missed beauty is right before my eyes each day. You have shared your heart…thanks

  6. True, true, and lovely! 🙂

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