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One Lovely Blog Award & More Sunshine Than I Deserve

Jenny at has mistakenly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and before she realizes her error, I’m going to go ahead and rush this post out…I’m thinking once it is published she can’t take it back.

Then Anne at hit the wrong button and included me in this Sunshine Award.

I believe the rules are you are supposed to reveal all your secrets to everyone so here goes:

  1. I secretly love opera music, but I’m so ignorant about it I have no idea what I’m listening to…I just like it.
  2. I buy the Wall Street Journal almost every day, but really only understand about half of what I read.
  3. I am truly bewildered by people who seem to be successful at everything they attempt in life.
  4. I don’t exactly know how to be a good husband…I just love my wife, smile a lot, say yes even more, and thank God she loves me.
  5. If I were one of those super-successful athletes who command multi-millions of dollars per year, I would play about five years, live like I was earning about $40,000 a year, then retire and spend the rest of my life hanging out with Susie, my wife.
  6. I have zero (actually less than zero) mechanical ability.
  7. When I press the publish button and launch my thoughts on the internet I am absolutely flabbergasted, amazed that people take the time to respond.
Now for the part when I get to recommend a number of bloggers I believe you all should read:
  1. Lisa at Her posts are great and when she comments on mine I am always forced to think.
  2. Check out The young lady who writes this has some phenomenal insight.
  3. Stuart at has just published a new book. The book is excellent.
  4. Jeremiah at has also just published a new book. This kid can seriously write.
  5. Arianna at has some quality content and I always enjoy her posts.
  6. If I could write like Heidi at I wouldn’t have any problems in this world…this girl is gifted.
  7. I am not much of a poet, but Lily at is awesome. I love reading her stuff.
  8. This one is difficult for me to read at times, but Stella does an incredible job writing about a difficult subject
  9. Kati at always has great content about motivation and the work place.
  10. While this young lady never reveals her name she does give you lots to think about, read her at
  11. Karen at has helped me become a better writer…a great lady.
There are about 183 more blogs I would like to recommend, but it is getting late, I’m still at the office, I wanted to leave thirty-five minutes ago, and I am old.  I would like to take a moment before I sign off and thank everyone who has taken the time from their life to read what I write. I am very grateful. For those of you who have made the extra effort to comment…I am especially grateful. Your comments have caused me to think and re-think my positions on what I write…in short you have caused me to grow as a person…how can I ever thank you enough? If you have enjoyed what I’ve written, if it has caused you to move forward in your life, if you in any way found it rewarding…then give glory to God, I can assure you it wasn’t me. On the other hand, if I have offended, insulted, or otherwise caused distress…forgive me…it is all my fault.
This has been fun…be encouraged!

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25 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award & More Sunshine Than I Deserve

  1. Love your top 7 secrets!

  2. Way to go, Stephen!

  3. Aw, congratulations on your awards, Stephen. Well deserved! Thank you for the recommendation, too.
    Hello to Susie. It is sweet that she so often graces your place, here. We should all be so lucky (or blessed) to have such love, but I am glad that you and Susie have it. Keep being good to her; if she is even half as wonderful as you say, she deserves all the goodness you can shower upon her. ~ Lily

  4. AgrippingLife on said:

    This is a well deserved award. Congratulations!!! I loved learning those fun facts about you. You are nothing if not humble, Stephen, what a great quality. 🙂
    Thank you for your kind words and recommendation. I truly love reading your posts because you write them from such a heart felt and passionate place. You’re a soulful person and that comes across in everything you write. That’s your gift.
    Congrats again!

  5. LOL! Hell no, it is not a deserve the One Lovely Blog Award…Congrats my friend..;)

  6. free penny press on said:

    A most well deserved award!! CONGRATS!!!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful, thought provoking posts for there are many of us who learn much from your writes!!

  7. Congrats, well deserved award! I feel the same about opera, :).

    • Thank you…and how to do people figure out opera? I’ve been listening to it for over 20 years and I’m just as stymied today as I was on day one. I think I wasn’t born with any opera genes…but I love it.

      Be encouraged!

  8. May I say you earned the rewards?Be encouraged!

    • Well thank you very much…it is difficult to accept the compliments of others…which is good…otherwise I would wonder why the whole entire world was not beating a hasty path to my door wanting to shower me with platitudes and the occasional C note…lol.

      Thanks I do appreciate you believing I deserve the awards.

      Be encouraged!

  9. Thanks for the award! 🙂

    • I think you earned it.

      I know you must constantly hear this, but I’m going to join the long line and say…You are a wonderful writer. The way the words flow and how you set the mood…I’m right there in the scene with your characters. Keep writing…your ship has got to come in.

      Be encouraged!

  10. Thank you for your lovely email! I’ve tried to email you several times, but get get a message that it couldn’t be delivered. I try again in a few days time. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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