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Lightning Strikes Again


Once again, a person has apparently had way too much wine with dinner and decided to give me an award.  I will tell you I am honored, no matter what state of sobriety Craft Crazy Gran at might have been it when she composed her post. Thanks Gran. 🙂

Like the other awards I get the opportunity to open my life and spill all kinds of exciting secrets, so here goes:

  1. I believe I can sing, even in the face of significant evidence to the contrary.
  2. There was a time when I wore my hair at waist length.
  3. I hope someday to be the person Jake the Wonder Dog thinks I am.
  4. As a teenager I use to chase tornadoes in a pink ’62 Thunderbird.
  5. Every once in a while I will listen to Whipping Post, off the Live at The Fillmore East album by the Allman Brothers or Spanish Moon, off the Waiting for Columbus album by Little Feat, at ear-splitting volume.
  6. I turned down an opportunity to be one of the first investors in the Smurfs, because I thought the whole concept was stupid…actually still do, but it would have been a stupid idea that made me a multi-millionaire.
  7. I inhaled (more than once).

Now for part I enjoy the most, I get to nominate other bloggers:

Tim at was one of the first bloggers to reblog one of my posts…so while I doubt his ability to perceive good writing , his blog contains excellent content for those of you occupying the business world.

While I admit to not knowing much about poetry, I know what I like and the woman who writes at produces some very thought-provoking pieces.

Terry writes straight from the heart at

This girl can write some absolutely hilarious funny stuff (but quite “blue” at times, so be prepared). Also don’t be drinking anything while reading her blog, it sets up the ideal situation for the liquid to come gushing out your nostrils, don’t ask, just trust me. Check out her posts at

April does a fine job of writing about what it is like to be a Christian wife at Guys you should read her blog, because it will give you deeper insight into your wife.

Jim at wrote a post about his wife’s graduation from nursing school that I read with tears rolling my cheeks. Not only is he a good writer, but also a good man.

First of all, the title of Noleen’s blog is what caught my attention, but her gritty, honest, and compelling writing is what made me a follower. This woman is the real thing, please look at

As I said the last time, if there is anything in my posts you have found beneficial, encouraging, and/or uplifting, then thank God. However, if I have ever given offense, please forgive me for the fault is entirely of my own making.

I have immensely enjoyed every minute writing this post, thank you again Gran at for thinking of me.

I wish all of you who follow my blog the absolute best.

Be encouraged!

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20 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes Again

  1. Congrats, once again well deserved!

  2. Congrats to you 🙂

    • Well thank you Lynne…I hope you and yours are preparing for a great weekend…I was so inspired by my post that I am now listening to Statesboro Blues, off the Allman Brothers Fillmore East album at a volume that will probably leave me with ear ringing for a couple of days, but I’ll have this incredibly huge smile on my face that can’t be knocked off with a 12 lb sledgehammer…lol. 🙂

      Be encouraged!

  3. like the LITTLE FEAT album!

  4. Way to go, Stephen!

  5. You are racking up those awards. Do you have a trophy shelf yet? =p

  6. I turned down an opportunity to be one of the first investors in the Smurfs, because I thought the whole concept was stupid…actually still do, but it would have been a stupid idea that made me a multi-millionaire. ………. let good things happen to you…….why look a gift horse in the mouth?…….enjoy all your awards,dont over think it all.You really deserve all your awards.I just have to read your blog to know how much effort went into it……and I bet I’m not the only one who is glad to have found it.

  7. Ha ha ha!! You deserve every award you get in someone’s drunken or drug induced stupor, or mere insanity or whatever…and I want to see the pics of the waist length hair!! 😀

    • LOL…Thanks Anne…fortunately I have no photos from that period of my life…for the lifestyle I was living it was not good to have too many pictures of yourself…although every once in a while I will hear from someone from those days and the first thing they always ask is, “Hey do you still that long hair?” Actually I cut the hair into a Rod Stewart, stick up at all angles style, that I wore for several years. Then I trimmed it to a police officer hair cut, which after several years I shaved it all off and went bald. Currently I am back to an altered Stewart cut, think short, lots of gel, and again sticking up at all angles, sort of like stylized bed-head…lol.

      And that Anne is the history of my hair…maybe I should start a new blog about hair… 🙂

      Be encouraged!

  8. Cool facts about yourself. Sounds like you’ve led an interesting life! I’m jealous LOL.

    Keep smiling,

    • Oh I wouldn’t be too quick to be jealous if I were you. There were lots of lonely, empty, desolate times, filled with grief and sorrow…but the good news is…they are in the past…nothing but big blue sky ahead…

      Be encouraged!

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