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Some Days

Some days are simply tougher to get through than others. The reasons can be counted into the billions. I’m having one of those days. This blog has never been a place where I share the minutiae of my everyday life. It’s not that interesting and I believe in boundaries.  So I’m not going to go into all the details.

I’m not sure at what point everything got away from me. but it did. The usual positive motivation, stay-on-top-of-it thing slipped a tad and everything went into the ditch. Before I knew it I was stuck straddling the fence with no way off. Let’s just say I’m having to take a dose of my own medicine.

A few posts ago, I wrote about what we have to do when our tidy lives fall apart. We need to take hold of our run-away emotions, corral the stampede, pick-up the pieces, and face in to the wind. All great words, but it is the action that makes the difference.

Today I am taking action.

Sometimes it helps to look around and count our blessings. Take a moment, inhale deeply, and look at those aspects of our lives that are, in truth, a gift we do not deserve. I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination, especially considering my past. I have a wonderfully beautiful wife, great kids, loving grandkids, awesome pets, a peaceful home, a life-style many only dream of, not in wealth, but in deep soulful satisfaction.

I control my future. I control my success. I control my income. I control my attitude. I control how I think and feel. I control my life.

There is no reason, justification, explanation, and/or defense for acting any other way.

The day is starting to get better.

Be encouraged!

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14 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. AgrippingLife on said:

    Sometimes the cheerleader needs to give him or herself a little pep talk! It’s inevitable, I think, that we sometimes derail. I usually know when things have been smooth for too long to expect some bumps up ahead. I guess it’s a good reminder that we’re only human after all! (in case there was any question! Haha!)

    • Hi Lisa, I knew when I saw the “like” a few minutes ago in my in-box, there would be a comment coming shortly…thank you for not disappointing. 🙂

      Daily there is an enormous amount of evidence of my human ancestry…today it just arrived in spades.

      But with a healthy dose of the Stevie Edwards Traveling Magic Motivation Elixir (not to be confused w/ Coors Lite) I have successfully turned the day around and feel the batteries re-charged.

      Thanks again…I appreciate you taking the time to write.

      Be encouraged!

  2. Totally love this pic! It’s nice that blogging could help you work through a bad day. 🙂

    • Hi, glad you enjoyed the photo. I got it off of Tara Woodruff’s Facebook page. When I saw it, I felt like it perfectly encapsulated how my day was going.

      I am cautious about getting into too much private matters in my blog. I was reading one the other day and the woman revealed her bra size. I was kind of shocked (yes I am at that age), but it did cause me to think about personal boundaries. You will probably see a post about it in the near future. 🙂

      Yet I want people to know that what I write about effects all of us. But I wanted to do it without whining or or having a pity party. I guess all I wanted was for folks to know I take the same medicine they do.

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      Be encouraged!

  3. Sorry that things have slipped away from you. I know the feeling, especially in situations where I was feeling relatively positive, and then things just started to suck.
    I read a quote a while back that went something like, “If we don’t feel pain/hardship, we won’t know what true happiness is.” It really stuck with me, and the truth in those words seemed to be just what I needed. Either way, I hope that it brings you some comfort, and I hope that next week is better. Thinking of you!

    • A couple of doses of my own medicine and I was back on top of my game…Susie and I are starting a new company and sometimes watching our bank account get smaller and smaller has this negative impact on my emotions…but Hey, it is just money and you can’t take it with you.

      Thanks for the quote…it was just my time for a little pain/hardship. The bank account continues to dwindle, but the way I think about has changed dramatically.

      Thanks for taking the time to write…I’ve noticed there have been lots of positive action taking place in regards to your writing…so glad for you…you deserve every bit of it and more.

      Be encouraged!

  4. No one is on top all the time. I think we sometimes get days like this because we need to be reminded of everything we have. You realized this very quickly, :). Unfortunately I meet a lot of people in my work who refuses to acknowledge their blessings. And that is very sad.

    • You know Marianne I was torn about publishing that post…does the “coach” confess when he is down?…or do you take the stiff upper lip approach. I’m still not completely convinced it was the right thing to do, but I wanted people to know I don’t consider myself any different than anyone else. Plus I felt it was important to share that I practice what I preach.

      When I look back at my past life and then see where I’m at now, it feels like time travel. The difference doesn’t seem possible. I still remember years ago wondering how in the world did people who were not criminal make a living. To me it seemed impossible. Yet here I am several decades later…making the impossible real…I love it!

      Be encouraged!

      • Stephen, my personal belief is that you did the right thing to share. Every time I used to feel a bit down, being insecure or fail my family and friends would say: you have all the the tools to fix whatever you think is wrong, do it. They are of course right, but I ‘m not a perfect machine with no feelings. I’m a human being and sometimes I fail miserable, and sometimes I get very upset and that is ok. When it happens I sometimes want to share it with other people, but not always. I consider myself lucky that I do have the tools and I use them. I’m also counting my blessings every day. My family and friends no longer tell me to fix it myself, they listen but it took awhile for them to understand, :).

      • Very good point…and you know…sometimes it might actually be healthy to feel yucky, or a little depressed, or not at the peak of our game…a little humility goes a long way…and it helps us to remember we are not God…even if we occasionally act like it. 🙂

        Be encouraged!

  5. read it and felt great early morning!

    greetings from India!

  6. You’re human and certainly allowed to have bad days!

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