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Virtue #7–Bravery

Bravery is an odd thing. It has several different qualities. There is the bravery that results in one of these:

This is the Congressional Medal of Honor and you don’t get these by taking the easy way out. The medal comes at a cost. A cost many of us would find to high to personally pay, but not all do. Those who have been awarded this medal all have one thing in common; none of them set out to get it, it was never a goal.  To be a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor you need to be a member of the United States Armed Forces. Right there I am ruled out, but it gets much tougher from there.

An individual must partake in “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity, at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty, while engaged in an action against the enemy of the United States.” That pretty much eliminates the rest of us.

Since its inception by Congress on July 12, 1862, 3,462 individuals have been recipients. Since we are zeroing in on nearly 50 million having served our nation since 1776 that means that less than .0007% of those who have been in the military have received this award.

Of course, there are many other types of bravery. I found this poem at

It Takes Courage

by Anonymous

It takes Courage

To refrain from gossip

When others delight in it,

To stand up for the absent person

Who is being abused.

It takes Courage

To live honestly

Within your means,

And not dishonestly

On the means of others

It takes Courage

To be a REAL man or a TRUE woman,

To hold fast to your ideals

When it causes you

To be looked upon

As strange and peculiar

It takes Courage

To be talked about

And remain silent,

When a word would justify you

In the eyes of others,

But which you dare not speak

Because it would injure another.

It takes Courage

To refuse to do something

That is wrong,

Although everyone else

May be doing it,

With attitudes as carefree

As a summer song.

It takes Courage

To live according

To your own convictions,

To deny yourself

What you cannot afford

To love your neighbor

As yourself.

I am not going to write anything about this poem, because I believe it stands alone. I wish the individual who wrote it would have attached their name…but after reading it, it doesn’t surprise me they chose not to.

One last thing I want to say about bravery. There are men and women, who through no fault of their own, are raising their children in single parent homes. If you are one of these individuals I commend you. Personally I don’t how you do it, but I am extraordinarily proud of you. To me you are as brave as the ones facing enemy fire. Not because of the element of danger involved, but due to the inward strength it requires each and every day to get up and do all the those things that need to be done. You your children ready for school, their hands and faces are washed, their hair brushed, you get something resembling breakfast into them, somehow during the midst of all of this you have gotten yourself ready for work. Then either off to the bus stop or you drive them to school. Next is getting yourself through  morning rush hour traffic to work on time, where you are expected to perform at a high or higher level than others. No bringing home issues to work, this is business. You already have arranged for day-care after work. So you pick up your little one(s) and then home to cook dinner, do homework, play with toys, get bathes, read a book, put to bed (whole books could/have been written about that one), get their clothes ready for tomorrow, and now it is finally your time, except it is late, you are bone tired, and tomorrow you get to do it all over again. Somehow you do all of this and still try to instill virtues into your children. You teach them right from wrong. You want them to be creative. You want a better life for life for them.

You are the brave ones. I see you in the parking lot at the grocery store. I see you at little league games. I see you at school functions. You are everywhere. I want you to know I am proud of you.

Be encouraged!

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67 thoughts on “Virtue #7–Bravery

  1. The poem is a wonderful find. Thank you. Is courage on your list as well? It should be, first so you can use the poem again and secondly because you are very courageous to have undertaken this quest of virtue; that could be your example!

    • Courage is on the list…but I don’t think I’m going to hold myself up as an example for any of these virtues…although your faith in me that I could humbles me. I’ve got some other ideas for courage…if I put all I wanted into these Virtues posts each would be about the length of War and Peace…I’ve actually thought about just making these a revolving category…when I finish on #119 I would start over…I’m thinking the world will still need to hear about them…someone else actually suggested a book and I have had some positive feedback from a publishing company about it…so you never know.

      Yeah when I found the poem I was kind of amazed…it said exactly what I had in mind.

      Thanks for writing…I always look forward to your comments.

      I hope you and yours are having a great weekend.

      Be encouraged!

  2. Such a wonderful post. Your kindness and sensitivity comes right through. The poem is beautiful and so very true. There’s something about bravery that gets me choked up more than any other virtue. Maybe because I recognize that we’re each trying to fight the good fight, going into battle each day with our hopes and dreams and very often getting wounded in some manner or another. It’s all so human and we’re all so fragile. It takes so much strength to do it right.
    I think that faith is also a component of bravery – how can you be brave if you lack the hope or faith that things will turn out all right? Just a thought/

    Have a beautiful night, Stephen!

    • I love (and I don’t use that word much when discussing anything other than people) getting your comments. Thanks for noting my “kindness and sensitivity” on the one hand I hope some day all of us who “follow” each other will be able to meet in person, hang out, eat good food (because good food always makes things go better), and talk about our hopes, dreams and aspirations to dominate the entire world with kindness, patience, and love. On the other hand, all of you will be horrified to find out what kind of sorry person I really am. 🙂

      You are entirely correct when you include faith as an essential element of bravery, but I’m not so sure it is faith that everything will turn out alright. I don’t believe the soldier running into the firefight believes everything will turn out for the better. He/She just knows that is what they need to do. Our youngest son saw action in two war zones as a machine-gunner in the back of a Humvee (now he is a Army photo-journalist stationed in Kuwait). He has told me that when he and his buddies went out on patrol he didn’t know if he would return. He said you learn to push it out of your mind, and do your job.

      So where does the faith come in? I think every brave person has faith they are doing the right thing…even if it doesn’t turn out as wished. They can look at themselves secure in the knowledge they at least did the right thing.

      Susie and I are developing a new company and our motto is DO THE RIGHT THING – NO MATTER WHAT. We have explained to our employees that this is how we intend to run the company…the books will be open to everyone…they will know how much money is coming in (or as currently the case, going out) and where it is going…everyone’s salary is known…we are donating a percentage of the pre-tax profits to certain charities (breast cancer research – my Mom died from it)…each quarter the profits will be distributed equally to everyone on the payroll…all contracts will be open…there will be no secrets…and if we fail, it will not be because we cut corners and tried to take advantage of anyone…or tried to build the business on the backs of those who work for us…we have faith, not that it will turnout wonderfully (it is susceptible to all the whims of the economy like any other business) but it is the right way to do business.

      I will never learn to write short replies…forgive an old man who likes,(far too much) the sound of his own voice.

      Be encouraged!

      • I agree with you with regard to the faith thing. Maybe with faith and hope, there’s also integrity. A person who is brave must be true to who he or she is at a core level. The person running into battle or doctor saving a life in an emergency, etc., knows who they are and must respond even in the face of extreme danger. I have to believe that those brave individuals who respond with all that they have, never thinking of their own safety, etc., are very spiritual people. They are connected to a higher sense of purpose. Their motivation is pure.

        I have a book that I love called, “Doing The Right Things For The Right Reasons.”
        When you speak of this business venture it sounds as if you’re working from the premise that being open and motivated to do what’s right for the RIGHT reasons will yield the happiest results. You know, I think you’re absolutely right. : )
        Everything boils down to motivation, what’s in our hearts. If we’re motivated out of fear, selfishness, greed, needing to feel superior, etc. (There are so many negative motivators) then we are doomed to fail and or, be miserable. But if our motivation is to be light, bring happiness, live honestly, to live according to the highest principle, that incidentally is pleasing to you know who (wink)… well, that can only create happiness and success. You’ve got a good heart, Stephen. No one ever regrets acting with integrity : )

        I’ve thought about how fun it would be to meet blogging friends, as well. Some people just feel like kindred spirits. Maybe someday we can make this happen…
        If not, I know my life is richer for having crossed paths with some very stellar spirits. : )

        Have a beautiful day!

      • Thanks Lisa…you know I always enjoy your comments and this time is no different.

        The business venture is unique, because making money is not our first priority. The DO IT RIGHT – NO MATTER WHAT is the driving force behind everything…which is not always been easy, even at this early stage. Those of us involved so far (3) have a steadfast belief that if we build the business correctly, then the money issues will take care of themselves. As my Mom use to say, “Time will tell.”

        Your right about the kindred spirit thing…I know there are folks who blog who worry about revealing too much and someone tracking them down and becoming a living nightmare…but I don’t get that from folks who follow my blog and comment. I sense we are all good honorable people with good intentions. We want to change the world for the better. We want to pursue life with an inflamed passion and we want to share that passion with others. That is why I have published both my cell phone and personal email. I love it when people call or write.

        Thanks for everything…especially for making my life richer also.

        Be encouraged!

  3. I agree that both those going above and beyond to fight for our freedom and well as those raising kids as single parents deserve the same level of recognition. And that poem, wow! I love it. It fits so well with the rest of your post. As you said, there are so many different kinds of bravery, one of which I believe is the realization that those who put themselves in harms away or are raising kids on their own do it not to receive the recognition, but because to them, there is no other choice than to move forward, all the while continuing to do what they feel like their life’s purpose is.

    • Glad you enjoyed the poem…when I found it, I was kind of blown away…it fit so perfectly to what I wanted to say that I let it stand alone. Single parents raising children has been one of my passions for several years…I wish there was a way we could do something to help all those who find themselves struggling in this situation.

      If you ever have any ideas, let me know.

      Be encouraged!

  4. Thank you i brought my children up alone. It was not my intention or my choice but circumstances that made it so. My son Mike, is now 25 has a degree in sport and business and a diploma in business, he works for one of the top banks, he has a lovely partner Christina. Grace is 23 has a degree in media and communications, she was married a month ago to Adam. Emily is 21 is finishing off a degree in fine art, ceramics and glass, she is going to make me a grandma first, looks like it’s a baby for Christmas. Beth is 19 and study a forensic psychology degree at one of the best universities in the country. All that time reading bedtime stories and doing homework and doing without the worldly things for love was worth it. Life hasn’t always been good or easy but i taught them respect for themselves and each other, be honest in your dealings, stay out of debt wherever possibly and love one another. They have ready made friends and in today’s world that’s a good thing. Thank you for your post.

    • Thank you for your kind and gracious words…but I really believe I should be sending you thanks and appreciation. What you done is truly remarkable…especially given the cultural/societal environment. Raising children is no easy task, when both parents are present and active in their lives…but to do it alone is living miracle…which is no embellishment, simply the truth.

      The kids must be a wonderful blessing to you.

      Be encouraged!

  5. I feel like I am going through one of the bravest eras of my life right now. I am daring to stick to my ideals, expressing myself honestly and remaining silent when I would love to blame or scream for validation. I am learning that raising children alone or with an ex-partner requires crazy courage and strength that doesn’t exist some days. Thank you for your recognition of single parents. Also thank you for sharing the poem. It hit home and inspired. We can all use enCOURAGEment.:)

    • My heart and prayers go out to you…I seriously don’t understand how you do it as a single parent. It is a mystery to me.

      When I found the poem I felt like I had the perfect piece. The person who wrote it, obviously had intimate knowledge of the subject. I was impressed by the strength of the poem, there wasn’t anything I could add to make it better.

      Best wishes with the “crazy courage and strength.” We are praying for you and yours.

      Be encouraged!

  6. What a great post. I am going to reblog this.

  7. Wonderful post. Courage is such an important virtue. And you rightfully discuss the courage of parents. So many of us sacrifice for our children. You describe the single parent’s life very well, which applies to parents of either sex.
    There are so many of us now. I’ve been a single parent raising my boys since 2003. There have been times that it has been a rough slog, especially when I was commuting 3 hours a day, working long hours and doing everything you described when my boys were little. For me, it’s become much easier since I’ve been working from home.

    You have a kind and understanding view of the path of a single parent. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    • Karen, I see so many single parents trying their best to be everything to their children. I see the haggard look in their eyes as they try to stay in the present as their kids gyrate around the grocery store like spinning tops. I hear the tension in their voices as they struggle to be the loving parent they know they should be as their children scream at the top of their lungs. And I see the love in their faces as they cuddle, hold, and coo into their ears, because they can not imagine life without their little ones.

      There have been times when I’ve walked over and gently thanked them for being such incredible parents. I encourage them to hang in there. I tell them I am proud of them.

      Karen I am proud of you as well. How wonderful you were able to carve out a life that enabled you to be home. What a great blessing to your children. I believe you are a truly gifted woman.

      Best wishes to you and your boys. Give them a little extra hug tonight when they go to bed…tell them somebody they’ll never know thinks they have a great Mom. 🙂

      I am humbled that my words were encouraging to you…I believe you deserve it.

      Be encouraged!

  8. So interesting and very touching…beautiful poem too.

  9. AntonyLe55 on said:

    Hi Stephen, I’ve read your post here and some of your comments. You’re just too awesome! You’re also attracting great people…from the comments I’ve read. Or perhaps you just do a great job of bringing out the greatness in people. The bravery post was interesting. I didn’t know the congressional medal of honour was so rare. (The extremely low percentage really made it clear) Anyways, looking forward to more of your posts. It’s great to know there’s a bunch of good people around. I hope your business really takes off. I have similar endeavors and I hope it becomes the standard way of doing business one day.

    Best regards,

    • Thank you for all your gracious words…I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and comment. The Congressional Medal of Honor is a rare award and one which even as competitive as I am, I have no desire to vie for.

      Man…wouldn’t it be flat freakin’ crazy awesome if our business models where picked up by a new breed of entrepreneur, whose soul desire was to create something of honesty, integrity and character and let the money find it’s own way (which I believe it would)!

      Maybe people would buy your product/service because they want to deal with someone without the fear of being lied to, cheated on, and or otherwise taken advantage of.

      Is it at all possible the future in business is not business as usual, but could become something entirely different?

      Thanks for listening to me rant and…be encouraged!

      • AntonyLe55 on said:

        Yes, yes, and yes! I’m glad we’re not going just taking the “wait and see” approach. I hope our business models work out. And, what you’ve described reminds me a lot of the company Jessica Alba has, “The Honest Company”. I hope she continues to be a great role model and helps pave the way for us new breed of entrepreneurs.

        Thanks for the encouragement, Stephen.


      • Thanks for the support Antony…wish you all the best…and Happy Father’s Day.

        Be encouraged!

  10. may I add to the quote on the poster: …to YOUR FAMILY, to your SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS… I think BRAVERY is like that little thing that sprint runners place their foot on at the beginning of a race (can’t find the name, aah You might know)… it gives you balance and the tranquility of a firm step with which to begin your journey…

    • “…little thing that sprint runners place their foot on at the beginning of a race…” = starter’s blocks. 🙂

      I like how you relate that to “a firm step with which to begin your journey…” Insanely awesome insight…please keep commenting whenever you have an idea…I appreciate hearing what’s on your mind.

      Be encouraged!

      • Your words are encouraging…thanks for being so appreciative of my comments and I have to say that the best blog post are the ones that are enhanced by such open and insightful comments, you’ve got a great following here..congratulations and as AntonyLe55 said: “Or perhaps you just do a great job of bringing out the greatness in people.” I agree…read you soon

      • Your words are gracious…may we never meet so your illusion will continue…lol.


        Be encouraged!

  11. Thanks for the great post. Courage of one of the things that I struggle with, and this post was inspiring. Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Argh, that should read: “Courage IS* one of the things”

    • David, c’mon man how can you say you struggle with courage? Go look in the mirror…you lost all that weight…you think that didn’t take some courage? Courage to face the fear of failing. Courage to get up each day staring that weight in the face and saying I’m gonna beat you. You are the Courage!

      Be encouraged!

      • Thanks, Stephen! I know I’ve accomplished some very courageous things, and I also know that, by default, my pendulum swings towards a lack of courage instead of towards an abundance of it. Hence the struggle, and also why I appreciated your post so much! Thanks!

      • You are more than welcome David…btw…I have enjoyed reading your posts as well…keep up the great work.

        Be encouraged!

  12. Stephen, to keep my sanity I soon need to get in contact with Susie. Or buy a ticket for all of you, including your cats and dogs, :). For about the 100th time this year Microsoft has locked outlook, almost 2 days ago. Love my Mac but can’t say the same about Microsoft. Can’t send or read any mail…but I’ve read yours :).

    • Susie awaits your call…but let me warn you her rates are outrageous…lol.

      Jake the Wonder Dog is all about traveling…at the mere reading of your comments he scurried into the linen closet to fetch his traveling kit (spare toys, a few snacks, extra leash, and his passport)…he is ready and awaiting ticket validation. 🙂

      Sorry to hear about your Outlook troubles…I love the email management system, but often had similar issues…finally deserted it.

      Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you again soon.

      I gotta go calm Jake down.

      Be encouraged!

      • Stephen, you’re very lucky being married to a computer genius, :). All the good ones cost more than a trip to London, the cheap ones I don’t trust… Jake seems like a lot of fun, and very smart as well. He can play with my neighbours dog Chaplin, he’s adorable. Microsoft has promised to solve my problem before the weekend, hmmm I’ve that promise before… Getting late in Europe. A big hello to Jake and Susie!

      • Marianne, on a more serious note, I know how frustrating computers can be…years ago there was a commercial for something, that showed a man throwing his computer out the window…that man was my hero…I use to tell Susie if she ever came home and the computer was lying out in the yard, she would know I had finally reached the end of my rope.

        Jake is indeed fun and very smart…a fact he impresses upon us daily.

        BTW…an international motivational speaker heard about our new business (somehow?) and wants to mentor us. He asked if we were ready to go international…I told him I was thinking maybe we ought to start a little smaller, do some debugging, then go for the big splash…I tell you this not to brag…because no one is more surprised than me…but to let you know we might actually head your way next year…which would be very cool.

        Best wishes with everything.

        Be encouraged!

      • Congratulation! I will be the first one to buy a ticket when you come to Europe, this is wonderful news, :). You’re not bragging, I’m so happy for you. Stephen, you’re such an inspiration, and I’m not at all surprised you’ve been noticed! I’m off to meet a potential new client. Fingers crossed, I really want this contract. Have a nice day!

      • Hey thanks for all the kind words…but we are still mostly in shock…trying to figure out the next step. Best wishes with your perspective client…and Outlook. 🙂

        Let me know how it goes.

        Be encouraged!

  13. abronxturtle on said:

    Really like the poem – thanks for sharing! One thing I know about myself – I don’t live my everyday life with enough bravery. At times, when the moment calls for it, I know I should speak up about something that is…well…inappropriate. However, in order to avoid conflict, I bite my tongue. Well this was a wake-up call. THANKS!

    • Don’t we all wish we had more bravery. I spoke to a war hero one time and he said he wished he was as brave as every one thought he was. This was from a guy who had run onto a battle field with machine gun bullets flying all around him three times to haul back wounded buddies.

      Thanks for taking the time to write…I appreciate it.

      Keep enjoying the running…I enjoy reading about it.

      Be encouraged!

  14. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    Firstly, thank you for the honour of allowing me into your site!! I tried 5 times!!

    But now I’m here, what do I find, but a truly honourable piece about parenting when single, unsupported. Wow. Your dedication is received with much gratitude, from me.

    I have battled not merely financial adversities, but struggles of the heart, mind & soul, in the raising of my son, and all of it agitated in his infancy, by a man with a plan. I wouldn’t know a man with a plan if I slept with one!! And that is exactly, what he aimed for, when he aimed for me….

    Oh, retrospective ‘wisdom’….

    Stephen, this is a lovely post. BIG like from me 🙂

    • Oh you are most welcome…sorry you had a struggle getting in…we are trying to get it resolved.

      Thank you for all your gracious words…I pray for you and your son daily and wish only the best for you both.

      Be encouraged!

  15. Corinne Shields on said:

    Love the poem. So much said and so simply.

    • Hey thanks for the like…when I found this little poem I felt it said exactly what I had in mind…so I didn’t try to add to it.

      I am grateful you enjoyed it…thanks agin for taking the time to comment.

      Be encouraged!

  16. livvy1234 on said:

    I am sending my single parent daughter the beautiful words you wrote about bravery. She certainly needs to read your words. Thank you.

    • It is my sincerest hope that she find strength, hope, and love in the words of the post. If you have the opportunity let me know what she thinks.

      Hope you are having an awesome week.

      Be encouraged!

    • Let me add something to my last post…

      Tell your daughter I think she is flat awesome. I am impressed in every way how she preservers in the face of everything she is facing. I am intensely proud of what she is accomplishing. This is my personal email, she is welcome to write anytime. My wife and I deeply believe what she is greater than what any of us realize.

      Tell her to tackle life with all that she can muster and when she gets discouraged read this post again, and again, and again, and again, until she understands that single parents like her are the true heroes in our society today. We admire her. We respect her. We pray for her. We honor her.

      Sound like to over-the-top? Well it isn’t. Single parents, like your daughter, need to know there are people out here who feel they are doing an incredible job. Society needs to reach out. We need to form companies that will help single parents with financial issues, babysitting, self-esteem issues, parenting, and any other problem that they encounter.

      Tell her one couple in Nashville, Indiana are proud of her.

      Sorry for the rant…but after I read my first reply, I didn’t feel like it contained the red hot passion I feel about this subject. I hope I haven’t scared you off, but I think as a culture we need to stand up and proclaim our support for those who find themselves trying to raise children properly, grow as individuals, support themselves, maintain healthy friendships, find true love, fix their cars, put food on the table, and stay sane.

      Be encouraged!

  17. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    Excellent. Really well said. Standing up to your friends, yes, is something else.

    First we stand up. Then : but who to, do we dare?…

    • My friends can testify to the number of times I have called them out on behavior or beliefs. Always with love and compassion, but one needs to stay true. Of course, they have also delighted in enabling me to be strong by freely discussing my shortcomings as well.

      Good to hear from you…always enjoy your comments…have a great week and kiss Daniel.

      Be encouraged!

  18. Hi Stephen, this is an amazing post, it really spoke to me and I enjoyed every word. Thank you!

  19. If I hadn’t written my latest blog about the fox and Harry Bellafonte’s song about a fox, and if you hadn’t commented, I would never know about your blog. So you see? Things work out for the best and in strange ways.

    Sometimes we haven’t a clue about how brave we truly are. But as I found out, when given huge problems your own strength forces its way out of your quiet, private self and shines!

    • Bravery is an odd thing…as I get older I understand it covers more territory than I ever believed. Thanks for the comment…hope you and yours are having a great weekend.

      Be encouraged!

  20. I had to come and see your blog. Loved the poem and your thoughts on single parents and Bravery. Your’e a good man StephenEdwards. I am please to know you today.

    • Thank you very much Cindy…but maybe you should read my about page before lavishing too much praise on me as “a good man.” I struggle, fall down, seek forgiveness, get up, struggle, fall down, seek forgiveness…you get the idea. While I would not recommend my life’s trajectory to anyone, God has been gracious enough to bless me with a wonderful outcome. I am married to the kindness, most generous, loving woman in the world. In fact, all those admirable qualities you see in me, well they are really just a reflection of her. She is the real thing, I am a pale imitation. Together we have loving children and our grandchildren (2 boys-one 25 years old and preparing to graduate college in December and the other a 6 year old who just graduated from kindergarten, son started too young, daughter nearly too late).

      Cindy, you have been a blessing to me today, as well. We’ll be praying for you tomorrow morning.

      Be encouraged in Christ!

  21. Hooray for this! Glad you found my site. Life just keeps unfolding, doesn’t it? And our biggest blessing is allowing for this unfolding, both in retrospect and in the moment. Best to you – j.

  22. Corinne Shields on said:

    Hi Stephen

    Lovely poem and what inspiring thoughts. There are so many people out there living quietly heroic lives doing the ordinary things extraordinarily.

    I commend them too. I have the privilege to look after my 22 month old grandson regularly, but as a grandma I can enjoy him and give him back. But it does bring back to me the long ago days when as a single parent I struggled to bring up my son in difficult circumstances. As you say.

    Be encouraged! They are doing a fine job.

    PS Staying in touch with the Tour de France. Bet you are loving it!! And as for Bradley, what more can I say?


    • Certainly glad yo enjoyed the post…especially grateful Grandma, Son, and Grandson doing well.

      Can’t believe how well Wiggins is riding…and the team is supporting him like a glove wrapped around an iron fist…very impressive.

      Be encouraged!

  23. Thanks Stephen for your inspirational post(s) and comments (so abundant …and abundance is such a delicious feeling).

    Thanks for your “like” clicks as well on my blog. Knowing you don’t speak French always amazes me that you still appreciate some of my posts as well 😉
    May be liking each other’s work and personalities is beyond word boundaries (or maybe you have a superb translator in your dreamteam…or is it Google ?) Let’s stick with the 1st version anyway 😉

    From a Frenchie “Braveheart” Woman…

    Friendly regards from sunny French Alps (well right now it’s dark night with millions of summer stars above my head)

    To your ongoing success the way you mean it and to your prosperity!

    (just an hint : an awesome way to meet your “readers” and “fans” could be attending one of Tony Robbins UPW seminar – Come to Europe – London – May 10-13, 2013 ???)


    • Wouldn’t it be great if I were fluent in five or six languages and actually understood how to select the right wine for every occasion? Well neither would be true. I have been working on my mother tongue English for over fifty years and I am still struggling. And you can completely forget about the wine thing…I’ll never get it right. So to reveal the great translating mystery…I use Google…but it is just like you are whispering it to me soft and low…hahaha…sort of.

      Just watched the end of my beloved Tour de France, although without a strong showing from any of the boys from the States. Someday my wife and I would love to watch the Tour in person…maybe he same year we come over for the Tony Robbins seminar…anything is possible.

      Be encouraged!

  24. Such a beautifuly encouraging post. Thank you for sharing the poem. I myself am a single mom. Well as far as not still being with my daughter’s father. I never thought as myself as brave, so thank you for thinking so! I couldn’t imagine having done it any differently the years I was truly single, so I guess it did take bravery! Thank you again!

    • Trust me you are not only brave, but you are courageous and filled with confidence. I deeply admire anyone who raises children by themselves. I can’t begin to imagine what it must require to raise up every morning and face the day. Surely God holds a special place for those who not only accomplish this, but also manage to impart character and integrity into their children.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment…I deeply appreciate it…especially if something I’ve written has touched your heart.

      Be encouraged!

  25. Courage, bravery and strength are often spoken as words defining something of the moment – only to change to another word to describe the next trendy, new buzzword. But those three words are defined in the photo of the medal of honor for anyone who knows what it represents…bravery, self sacrifice beyone words.. You so elequently descrived in your words the true meaning of that medal.

    God bless you and I am so glad I found your post.

    • Thank you for your kind and gracious words…I always worry when something I hold to be true and worthy suddenly becomes hip and trendy…when I start to see it mentioned not only in blogs, but also in books, magazines, and news stories, I know it is doomed to be co-opted…it won’t be long before the original meaning will be distorted beyond recognition and then inevitably it will be kicked to the curb as our society rushes to find the next “new” thing…then those of us who still cling to the original meaning will be viewed by those who have moved on as out-dated and not with it…over time we will eventually be seen as narrow minded and maybe even prejudiced because we refuse to drop what we know to be True and embrace the new, latest ideas.

      I am grateful you find the posts here to be a blessing…I can assure it is the grace of God…however should you find something that disturbs you, well that is me.

      Blessings to you.

      Be encouraged!

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