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Like is a concept I have wrestled with for the greater part of my life. Not that I don’t understand the meaning of the word, I do. It is trying to get a grasp on the whole concept that keeps me somewhat mystified.

I once watched an eight year old boy walk into a room with other boys and girls, all around his age. A total of maybe nine or ten were gathered in the room. The gender split was roughly equal. Some were no doubt a little younger and others were older, but there was no huge age discrepancy. Before this young man entered,  a couple were off playing by themselves, but most were gathered around two or three boys. They were laughing and talking and all seem to be at ease with one another.

Maybe at this point I should interject that these were not ordinary kids, they were all models and each one of them had been modeling for several years. They were out-going and completely comfortable making new acquaintances. When the eight year old boy I mentioned earlier entered the room the entire dynamics changed. Within a few short minutes every child was grouped around the eight year old and he was laughing and talking to them. He had established total control over the room. Even the couple of strays were brought into his sway.

As I witnessed this transformation I was dumb struck. He wasn’t dressed any differently. He did not possess a commanding voice, he was only eight. He didn’t say, “Hey you all, come over here.” Actually his demeanor was kind of shy. Yet every child gravitated to him. CEOs would pay dearly for his ability to command the room. What made this child so immediately likable?

This happened over thirty years ago and at times I still ponder what transpired in the room. What hidden talent, or mojo, or vibe did that eight year old boy possess that drew every one of those children to him like a magnet draws iron filings?

There is a new book published earlier this year by John Wiley & Sons, Inc entitled Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action. The author is Rohit Bhargava. His writings have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Fast Company, NPR, and MarketingChina.  His first book was Personality Not Included and has been translated into nine languages. For kicks and giggles he is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. So apparently the brother is extremely gifted in time management.

I haven’t completely finished the book yet, nor has he provided me with a complete understanding of the episode I witnessed thirty years ago, but I have read enough to realize he and I share many of the same convictions…only he writes much better than I do.

One of the first concepts he establishes is there is a real ROI on likeability He goes on to establish five key principles:






Yea, if you take each of the first letters it spells TRUST. At first I thought it bordered on hokie, and kind of still do, but it makes it easy to remember and drives home a very excellent point. His argument being if you are likeable then people will trust you. Being trust-worthy is the real key to standing out from the competing hoards.

I experienced this earlier this today. Susie and I are launching a new company. We are developing the content for a supremely radically different Women’s Professional Development Conference. We are incorporating acrobats, fire eaters, sword swallowers, magicians, shadow puppeteers, drama, contortionists, unicyclists, laundry dryers, and Barbie dolls into a power packed day long seminar that will leave women feeling Stronger, Better, & Ready For Whatever in their professional and private lives.  Remember, I told you it was supremely radically  different. 

This afternoon I received a phone call from an international motivational speaker who (somehow) had heard about what we are doing. He was extremely impressed as I discussed our concepts and business plan with him. So much, that by the end of the conversation he said he wanted to mentor us and help take our message to the international market.

Our team is floored…to say the least. We never expected anything like this. We were thinking about how to take our message state-wide. He expanded our entire vision with just one phone call.

Now segue to later this evening. I RSVP’ed for a meeting of life coaches. This will be their first time meeting so everyone was encouraged to give a brief bio of themselves and their company. I wrote almost verbatim (plus some extra for more detail) what I wrote above. I described how our content empowered women to truly make changes in their lives. To be more successful and stretch their ideas of what was possible.

The response I received was this:

Is this a joke or what?

I guess I need to cultivate my believability more.

I’m going to go read another chapter.

Be encouraged!

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23 thoughts on “Like

  1. aaah, oooh…I would like to say something encouraging but i have no experience in your area sooo all I can say is that I am not fond of the LIKE button taken as an absolute answer/comment…we see it on FB, on blog posts, on pinterest and in life you either like or you don’t, but when the verdict is LIKE then a why would be good even more so when it’s a DON’T LIKE…that little thumbs up has been getting strength from the lack of time or real interest, it has become a means to keep being physically present though mentally absent… and to the reply you got I can say: BE ENCOURAGED to prove to them that it’s no joke!…read you soon, Alexandra

    • Thank you Alexandra…but don’t worry about having “no experience”…I’m thinking you probably have all kinds of life experiences which qualifies you to pontificate any time you wish…after all it is what I do. 🙂

      I totally agree with comment about “physically present though mentally absent.” It seems to have become the default mode for many people today.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…have a great weekend.

      Be encouraged!

  2. Your experience reminds me of whenever I’ve tried to start a big project. Interestingly, when the idea is a big or radical one, like yours, I’ve noticed often very successful people will be attracted to it, but the average person will not see the potential. I think your women’s professional development conference idea sounds fun and wonderful. Hope it’s a great success!
    You are right though, that you will have to find a way to build trust to attract attendees.
    I too am fascinated with attracts people to particular people like your 8 year old story example. Trust is certainly part of it. I also tend to think that certain people have a charisma or grace that is innate to their being.

    • Okay Karen…here is the BIG QUESTION…is the “charisma or grace” innate in all of all of us and we simply are not in touch with it somehow or is it only innate in a select few?

      Let me know what you think?

      Be encouraged!

  3. Congratulations i hope everything goes to plan. What about International next?

    • It is hard for us to wrap our heads around national, much less international…we are just three ordinary folk with an idea…when someone of this guy’s caliber comes calling you kind of spend a few days glazed over. We are trying to set up a meeting for this coming week in order to get a better idea of all he has in mind.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…as always I deeply appreciate it.

      Be encouraged!

  4. Massive congratulations to you and to Susie! The world needs more ideas, not less and you have found a new way to empower women in their daily life. BRAVO! That is not a joke, it’s admirable, and very exciting. Don’t blame yourself, if people didn’t understand your message, they should have asked you to explain it more. Small-minded people, jealous people and scared people often react the way they did. Being a life coach myself I can’t wait to see the finishing product live, :).

    My father was like the 8 year old, and I think one of the key ingredients is genuine interest in other people. This is something that you can’t fake, you either have it or you don’t. False sales people don’t have it… Enjoy your success! Marianne

  5. Interesting idea for the project. Also, congratulations on the international expansion. That’s such an awesome opportunity. I know you and your team must be excited beyond belief. 🙂

    • We have already done some happy dancing on our desks…after the initial hysteria passed we are settling into the OMG how do we handle this mode…we are pondering our next step…kind of amazing for a company that 2 months ago was just an idea being bounced around between my wife, our graphic artist, and me…got to remember to inhale and exhale on a regular basis!…lol.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to send props.

      Be encouraged!

  6. Laina on said:

    Hmm. I’d be interested in feeling Stronger, Better, & Ready For Whatever in my professional (and personal!) life. I’m interested to see how your project develops.

    • I’ll post the video we are currently developing, once it gets done. We are planning it as a teaser (think movie trailer) to demonstrate how we incorporate a variety of unique performances (acrobats, fire eaters, magicians, shadow puppets, sword swallowers, unicylcists, clothes dryer, and Barbie dolls) to create a lasting message of knowledge and empowerment. When woman leave our conference we want them to have tools that will immediately impact their lives.

      The concept originated in my mind when I intended a ho-hum motivational seminar (long on rah-rah, most of message simply repackaged material), combined with my discovery of Cirque du Soliel.

      If you get the opportunity grab Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms (Amazon has it new for $11.07). Her approach is the metric for our all-out, crazy, on-fire, sweetly insane level of energy that we hope to demonstrate at our events.

      Thanks for the interest.

      Be encouraged!

  7. I LIKE this post and LIKE/LOVE the idea Stephen. Keep believing…

  8. Wow congrats to you!

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