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Virtue #8–Caring

This afternoon before leaving to come to the office I kissed my wife good-bye. I always make sure I kiss her good-bye. It is something I started early in our relationship. You never know what a day is going to hold, so I make sure I kiss her and tell her I love her before departing our home.

As I turned to leave I heard her voice soft and low asking, “Are we on the same page?”

Susie and I don’t have any big issues, but occasionally little, niggling, side line ripples will develop that need attention. Fortunately that was not the case this morning. In my mind I was already sitting in front of my computer, writing my heart out, and trying to take the twisted, convoluted spaghetti mess that passes for congruent thought in my mind, and turn it into brilliant prose that not only dazzles your receptors dear reader, but also sparks you to change the world as we know it, into the world that we want.

In other words I was distracted.

Susie did not ask because she was afraid our relationship would fall apart if she didn’t. She wanted to make sure she hadn’t missed anything, because she cares. As I drove down the drive it made me feel closer to her, loved, and as I turned onto the road that would bring to the office I had tears in my eyes.

And that got me to thinking.

John Wooden, the well-known UCLA basket ball coach who led his team to an unbelievable 10 national titles once said, “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”.

Lao Tzu, philosopher of ancient China, best known for writing Tao Te Ching, and often called the Father of Taoism is quoted as saying, “From caring comes courage.”

 The Spanish cellist and conductor, Pablo Casals, who lived from 1876 to 1973 said, “I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”

Our American statesman Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Want of care has done us more damage than want of knowledge.”

Caring is an essential part of us. No doubt it is important to those on the receiving end…because often it comes out of nowhere. I know I loved having Susie inquire if we were okay, but I suspect it moved something inside of her to an even greater degree.  I am the person who has been joined to her. Together we make one, in a way I can’t explain. I know it, I feel it, I live it, and I share it, but I can’t put it into words. This afternoon as I watched her turn away to go back into our home I could see the edge of her lips lift up in a smile. Her head turned upward, just a bit. Her shoulders pulled back only a smidgen. Her height grew by a hair, but her heart, I knew, exploded in a sun lit explosion of warmth.

I suspect it is more important to the giver. Maybe it makes us different inside. I believe it changes us just a little bit for the better with each act of caring. Caring creates more caring and that can only be a good thing.

Take a moment after you read this and spread a little care. It might not make the evening news but I bet it registers in your heart. Don’t be afraid, worried, or anxious. Don’t try to make it special. Anything will do.

Be encouraged!

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28 thoughts on “Virtue #8–Caring

  1. Great post, per usual. I don’t think anyone will ever whisper in their dying breath, “Gee, I wish I hadn’t cared so much.” It seems far easier and more natural to care than it does to NOT care. I’ve even read and seen things about animals that take care of each other without any regard for species, etc. They just respond in emergencies with nurturing and love. If animals can care for one another then it seems natural that we should have the same innate response… and yet, I know that’s not true. Things happen in life and people get hard and mean and ugly. Sometimes receiving love and care is just as difficult as providing it. Sad.

    • Thanks for all those kind words…you are right about the animal kingdom…I thought about including something about Koko, the gorilla who adopted a kitten. As you may remember had this incredible vocabulary of sign language. She once signed that her kitten was responsible for pulling a sink out of the wall. So while it seems the animal kingdom has the capacity for caring, it is also apparent they are capable of manifesting our darker aspects as well.

      So tell me what “caring” are you going to do today?…other than making my day by commenting. 🙂


      Be encouraged!

      • I probably show my caring by doing the typical mom things; cleaning, cooking, encouraging, driving organizing, listening, etc. I do these things and in addition I try to always verbally say the thing that’s in my heart. I also probably worry too much, stress, nag, control, etc. But I still put these under the “caring” umbrella, because that’s where they originate! haha!

      • Excellent…and oddly enough Susie puts all the stress, nag, control, etc…under the same heading… 🙂

        Be encouraged!

  2. Beautiful post! It is often the little things done every day that create relationships tha become role models for caring in the world. You and Susie must be a blessing for all those around you. Thanks for the reminder to show caring every day!

  3. Steve, this is a truly lovely post. I agree with it all; you brought your twisted, convoluted spaghetti mess together very well indeed. And I’m not always a fan of Ben Franklin (he was a bit of a chauvinist), but that is a great quote. Where has that sentiment gone in politics?! Thank you, Jane

    • Jane, thanks for all your kind words…I always appreciate hearing from you…and which one of those old dudes who helped frame democracy in this country would you hold up as a shining example of women’s rights?

      Be encouraged!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I am naturally a very caring person….in the sense that I let the people that I love and care about know how much they mean to me on a daily basis. When I care about someone, I tell them. Not because I want to here their response, but because every single person deserves love, and sometimes a simple sentence of telling someone that you love, care, and appreciate them can be the difference in an okay day and a great one. It certainly is the little things that count. 🙂

    • Hence the reason you are such a wonderful person with the ability to write with compassion about the illness you grew up with. Thank you for taking the time to comment…I always enjoy your remarks.

      Be encouraged!

  5. You are right we need to care more in the time and space that no one else sees or knows about.

  6. Great post Stephen. Moved by a number of passages but esp this one: “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”.

  7. I don’t believe a person could ever care too much. Really great post, this one. 🙂 And like Mr. Kanigan there, thank you very much for sharing this: “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”.

    I will try, and I may fall short, but I’ll still try to live with that from now on.

    • We all fall short…sometimes I think it has to be part of the process…otherwise we would take success for granted.

      Thanks for taking the time to write…hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend.

      Be encouraged!

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  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog to follow! I am glad that I found yours and will enjoy exploring.

  10. So inspiring! Caring opens the heart and lifts the soul.

  11. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm on said:

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  12. I love this post. My husband is the strong silent type and sometimes I need a little reassurance and ask him, “are we good?” And we are. This person I share my whole life and self with can as you say make me walk a little taller just by saying, ” of course we are, Honey.

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