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How I Ran Across the US


People always have the same question when they discover I have run across the United States, “How did you do that?”

My answer has varied throughout the years. Not because I am being shifty. I want to answer as honestly as possible, but as I grow as an individual, I have discovered something quite remarkable about my past experiences. Although the events of the past are set in stone, the life lessons learned are not.  Those life lessons are active, moving, and working. Each passing year reveals more fruit.

Lately I have been giving considerable thought to how I learned my life lessons. There has been an extremely wide variety of methods. The one  constant however,  is I tend to learn by experience. This has not always been the best method. It has often been the source of intense hurt and suffering for those who love me.

Several years ago I began to think I was my own worse enemy. This thought took hold during an extremely difficult period that I had inflicted on myself. I labored to dig myself out of the hole I had so expertly dug, then dove into. This was no quick and easy fix. Lives were damaged, families hurt, feelings were rubbed raw and bloody, and this was the best side of it, and I was responsible for all of it.

After years of struggle I was able to see fruit from my effort. My life began to be about something else other than the tragedy. About the same time another idea began to germinate. I certainly wasn’t willing to embrace it. I didn’t believe I deserved it, but I certainly was willing to consider it. With the passage of time, I entertained the idea more often. I grew to like it. I kept it guarded at first. I didn’t tell any one. I wanted to make sure it was Truth before I shared it.

Finally, the time arrived that I was willing not only to share it, but more importantly, to believe it. I decided to defeat the little voice in my head that had always proudly proclaimed I was good for nothing. I realized after all those years of believing I was my own worse enemy, what I was doing was looking at the wrong end of the stick.

Instead of thinking of myself as the antagonist, I could be my best friend.

What a concept! I could set myself up to be successful instead of fail. Of course, failure is considerably easier to engineer, but success is far more exciting. I’ve never been shy of doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. Once committed to a goal, I could/would lower my head and move heaven and earth to get whatever was needed done. This was my game and I loved it. I could make my world better.

I haven’t completely defeated the little voice, but I have severely contained his ability to control how I view life. He no longer reigns supreme without any opposition.

So how did I run across the United States? By defeating the little voice inside of me that told me to quit.

Be encouraged!

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23 thoughts on “How I Ran Across the US

  1. Fascinating…must have been a pretty wild trip!

    • It was the experience of a lifetime…I loved every minute of it…and would do it again in a heartbeat…but the body isn’t what it use to be…afraid my running days are over…but cycling…oh yeah!

      Be encouraged!

  2. free penny press on said:

    How fitting I read this post on Father’s Day. My Father started running in his late 40’s and continued to be a marathon runner until age 72..It was his place to think, de-stress and just enjoy the scenery of the land…You are an inspiration to many and so was my Dad…

    Thank you for this wonderful post on Father’s Day!!!

    • Thank you for all those gracious words…I would have loved to run with your Dad…sounds he like he had the same philosophy about running as I had…I’m grateful he left you with such precious memories…make sure you pass them along.

      Be encouraged!

  3. Wow! This is an amazingly good read. I think the negative self-talk, the little voice, is incredibly hard to beat down into submission. I think self awareness and accepting yourself for who you really are is the way to go. Sounds like you figured it out pretty well.
    You’re a real inspiration! Thanks for the great post.

    • Listen to this quote:

      “Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.”

      God, how I wish I wrote that…I didn’t…it is a quote from Danielle LaPorte’s new book entitled, The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful & Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms…an awesome book…turn loose of some of your hard earned cash…send the kids off to a trusted co-conspirator…ice up your favorite beverage…put your feet up…and read this book cover to cover…it is awesome.

      Be encouraged!

  4. What a great way to look at your life’s journey! I like the way that you were able to make friends with yourself through failures and success. I’m on that journey now too, though not necessarily resulting in a run across America. Our family road trips across America are my way of testing myself, not quite the same thing, but very satisfying for me. Thanks for giving me another way to look at life!

  5. Brilliant stuff – there’s a lesson there for anyone that wants to achieve something – anything. Excellent. 🙂

  6. I really give you credit for recognizing the hole you dug and making a committment to finding your way out. I am encouraged! Thank you:)

    • Oh don’t give me to much effort for “recognizing the hole you dug,”…a blind mind would have seen this one…lol.

      But I’m glad you are encouraged!

      May you continue to…be encouraged

  7. Be your own best friend. What a lesson and gift to yourself. So often it takes looking at life from the opposite perspective to be able to move forward. Be your own champion! Yes.

    • I was the resident expert on how to defeat yourself…until I finally got sick of living in hell…only then did I start to figure out I could actually turn this thing called life around.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…always good to hear from you.

      Be encouraged!

  8. Incredible life lesson given even more value by sharing it with all of us to learn from you. How inspiring, thank you!

  9. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge on said:

    I so much appreciate this post, Thank you!

  10. What an experience! You are an inspiration.

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