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Isn’t this the Truth? I understand rarely does the person asking, “How ya doin? expecting a full blown litany of our physical and mental state at the time the question was asked, but perhaps we might be slight ly more realistic or simply find another question to ask in the first place.

Be encouraged!

I think I have met my soul mate…this Cristi’s posts mirror my own beliefs so closely I’m starting to wonder if maybe my parents had another child they didn’t tell me about.

Read this over a couple of times and slow down your thinking. The first response may not be the one you want to go with. I read it over several times and each time it kept going deeper. Finally I arrived at the thought that this is how my ego behaves. It loves to be lied to even though it knows the Truth. It feeds off the lies, it is comfortable with the lies, it is familiar and intimate with the lies.

Go slow read it several times and let me know how it speaks to you.

Be encouraged!

Average Television Viewing (2007 numbers)

Any wonder we are facing many of the issues that seem to overwhelm our society. Can 8+ hours a day of television viewing be a good thing? What are we thinking? I realize it is a quick and easy (and cheap) babysitter, but 8+ hours? What are we the parents doing during this time?

I know this is close to becoming a rant, but somethings get me a little agitated…especially when it comes to our children. C’mon parents, turn off the TV, pick up your child, and talk to them, or better yet, get down on the floor and play with them. Pull the cushions off the sofa and build a tunnel fort, or go into the bedroom and use the covers and sheets from the bed to build an elaborate space ship. Engage folks…it doesn’t have to brain surgery, just go have fun.

Be encouraged!

Here is another aspect of lying. Thanks Cristi for the great post.

Man Hands Out Money On 65th Birthday

Jim Cantwell, who writes a wonderfully inspiring blog (read the one about his wife graduating from nursing school, it will bring tears to your eyes) at forwarded me the address ( to the following news item. I have copied it from their website, which I hope will not cause me to receive any legal notices. But I wanted to make everyone aware of yet another random act of compassionate kindness.

Also kudos to ABC Action News and CNN for publishing and airing this piece. They didn’t have to, but someone made a courageous decision and ran with it.

This type of impulsive kindness is what I am writing back. I hope this will continue to spread globally. If anyone has any information about other acts of compassion please forward them to me via the comment section of this blog or my private email

Please folks all it takes is a smile, a happy tone in your voice, a thank you, a please, or sometimes just a slight nod of your head to make another human being feel better.

Be encouraged!

Posted: 07/12/2012

  • By: CNN modified

Instead of being showered with gifts on his birthday, an Oklahoma City man is showering strangers with money.

As Doug Eaton’s 65 th birthday approached, he turned to his friends for advice.

“I asked a bunch of my friends on Facebook what should I do on my 65th and I got a whole long list of stuff and one of my friends said, ‘Why don’t you do 65 random acts of kindness?’”

Many people are used to being asked to donate money at intersections in the road, but Eaton was inspired to do something unusual:  hand out $5 bills to people who passed the corner of intersection where he stood.

He stood at the corner of 39 th St. and May, holding a sign as many homeless people had done time and again.

Eaton handed out cash out for 65 minutes, symbolic for his 65 years of life. People were unsure what to think, and some drove by several times to make sure they read the sign correctly. Others told Eaton to continue paying it forward.

“Doug doesn’t need the money, so he is just having fun,” said one of his friends.

For Eaton, the act of giving turned out to be its own gift.

“ It’s just been fantastic. Some people who don’t take the money say, ‘Man, I love what you are doing. I won’t take it but give it to somebody who needs it.’”

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Maybe it is I am just getting old, but here is what I like to think it is…I like to think there is something tremendous going on in the world. The world that we read of every day in the newspaper or hear about on the news is reckless, dangerous, and full impending collapse and failure. But the one I read and see in the blog world is one of hope, enchantment, and delight. There are ordinary people without huge commercial endorsements or advanced degrees who are doing small random acts of compassionate kindness. These people are changing the world for other people. Not lots of other people…it isn’t a global movement, but I feel safe in saying the people you see on this video will never forget the day a total stranger with a few of his friends walked up to them in a park and gave them a gift.
This is how we change the world…we start by smiling while we are out in public, we hold the door for whoever is next, we say thank you and please, we make pleasant eye contact, we don’t talk on our cell phones while at the check out, we acknowledge that ALL people are worthy of our time and attention.
Watch this video, then reblog it. Spread the word. Be kind. Be loving. Be real…and of course…Be encouraged!

Live & Learn

Lucas, a Brazilian man, moves to Australia and is grateful for the country and its people for open their arms to him.  On his 30th birthday, he decides to thank 30 complete strangers in Sydney by handing them each a gift.  “Man’s first responsibility is to be happy…The second is to make everyone else happy.”  Video is paired with beautiful music (This is the place where I feel at home…).

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

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Off-beat, but absolutely brilliant…a clear example of thinking outside the box and expanding the horizons, yet completely simple…again BRILLIANT.

This is why we ought to take our ideas straight to the people.

Be encouraged.

Folks take the time to carefully read this post. Leigh at has done an outstanding and brilliant job of writing about the “shifts and adjustments” we all make in life. Her straightforward, compassionate, simple approach hits the red, meaty, beating heart perfectly.

Be encouraged!

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

In a recent post I talked about pain as part of a spiritual journey, particularly as to facing inner pain. There’s another big way that pain comes up: from the shifts and transitions that arise when practice or exercise or release, etc. changes you and the many systems with which you are entwined have to accommodate.

It’s probably easiest to understand when it’s physical. I’ve experienced it in a couple of ways. In the early days of getting body work I’d been doing yoga for several years already so my practice was well established and I felt very comfortable in the poses I knew. As the massage therapist unlocked some of the major muscles I found that it completely altered my balance in a lot of poses—it was like re-learning my practice. Every time some of my muscles opened, other muscles had to readjust and while it didn’t hurt, it…

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