Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Off-beat, but absolutely brilliant…a clear example of thinking outside the box and expanding the horizons, yet completely simple…again BRILLIANT.

This is why we ought to take our ideas straight to the people.

Be encouraged.

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  1. free penny press on said:

    Thanks for sharing this.. maybe this inspire other people to “think outside the box”

    • Hey it was my privilege to share…this is such a raw, open, and real expression…this is how we all should think…can you imagine how much our world would change? I am completely blown away by this amazing concept/model of being. Thank you for bringing it to our attention…God i hope this goes insanely viral.

      Seriously thank you for the encouragement.

      Be encouraged!

    • Hey I just saw this on scoop-it and they got it from…looks like it is on it’s way…yippee!!! 🙂

      Be encouraged!

  2. Dave on said:

    It speaks for itself……. Incredible model for society! Peace is really not so far fetched….Thank you. If anything, I remain encouraged!

  3. It’s brilliant! 🙂

    • Isn’t it?…I was so impressed when I first saw it…I think it is important to take to the streets with our ideas…I’m actually contemplating doing something similar with motivation…what do you think?

      Be encouraged!

      • Stephen, I’ve said before and I say it again: the world needs more ideas not fewer, :). Every day we hear about new discoveries about our brain; many of the old beliefs are no longer true. This is very exciting! Technology has opened up new worlds to all of us. We need to take our ideas to the people, not expect them to just sit and listen to us. I think your idea is brilliant, just like your idea about the acrobats, :).

  4. Hey Stephen,
    If all of us, and I don’t mean just Americans, I mean the world, would simply be cordial to one another as we meet passing by in the streets, the world would be right as rain. Just as this post is like my comment, sometimes the brilliance is in its simplicity

    • The older I get the more I believe you are completely correct. I am starting to think no matter what we do we should take it to the streets…take your photography to the street…take poetry to the street…take comedy to the street…take my motivational conferences to the street…take our books to the street…could it possibly be that the street is our new social media?…our new internet?

      Jim, I am so stoked by this concept that as I type this I am half out of chair in excitement.

      Be encouraged!

  5. Stephan
    The streets are where the people are even in small towns, people who play music on the streets actually make a decent amount of money, but lets take the money out of it, because most are not in it for the money, they just simply want to be heard and artists want to be seen and us writers want to be read. I spent about 6 months working in Brattleboro VT a couple years ago. Every work day rain or shine there was one man in front of city hall protesting all day, holding 4 pieces of notebook paper stapled together trying to make a change in town and collecting signatures, I ran into him, on the street mind you (he was no longer protesting) in December after the November elections and I asked him, what happened with the protest? he simply said to me ” I won, have a great day” One man made a difference, on the street.

  6. Brilliant! 🙂

  7. Hope you are right about this one, going over to the author’s site to check it out.
    Go little Voeckler!

    • Thanks Chris…what was Frank thinking?

      Be encouraged!

      • I couldn’t believe it was Frank! I guarantee the cycling officials are making him some sweet deal right now, “Tell everybody Lance Armstrong cheated and all this goes away”…lol. Does Lance own portion of the RadioShack team?

      • I don’t know…but he owns part of Trek.

        Did you see the close today?…I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t, but write me back whenever you see it.

        Be encouraged!

      • HOLY CRAP!! just finished watching today’s tour. THAT was a win with a really really bad intention, I’ve never seen a sprint win with that kind of fury! I would hate to be the other sprinters right now. Infact, I wouldn’t even bother on Champs Elysees if I were them…lol.
        What a crappy day for that family of the dog. If I waited all my life to gather my family to go see the tour, I do not want to end up on national TV with an incident like that…I can’t imagine what that father is feeling right now.

      • oh, and I’m currently stting directly under a ceiling fan, just to cool my body off from all that intensity. The was just too intense, my wife is also in

  8. Thank you for sharing…:)

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