Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I think I have met my soul mate…this Cristi’s posts mirror my own beliefs so closely I’m starting to wonder if maybe my parents had another child they didn’t tell me about.

Read this over a couple of times and slow down your thinking. The first response may not be the one you want to go with. I read it over several times and each time it kept going deeper. Finally I arrived at the thought that this is how my ego behaves. It loves to be lied to even though it knows the Truth. It feeds off the lies, it is comfortable with the lies, it is familiar and intimate with the lies.

Go slow read it several times and let me know how it speaks to you.

Be encouraged!

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9 thoughts on “

  1. I’m a huge Cristi fan too!

  2. I just subscribed to Cristi’s blog last night. I have good taste ; ) (And I am here too, of course!)
    What this post says to me is essentially a quote I posted elsewhere recently: “Humankind cannot bear very much reality” (T.S. Eliot).
    Have a wonderful week, Stephen! ~ Lily

    • Hi Lily~Wonderful to hear from you again. I personally think you have excellent taste…hahaha. Great quote from Eliot!

      We hope you and yours are up for an awesome coming week.

      Be encouraged!

  3. Your comment is so very true even if I would love to say it’s not, but it is…

  4. There is a freedom knowing the truth when you are being lied to…Diane

  5. You make a valid point and remind me to monitor myself.

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