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Average Television Viewing (2007 numbers)

Any wonder we are facing many of the issues that seem to overwhelm our society. Can 8+ hours a day of television viewing be a good thing? What are we thinking? I realize it is a quick and easy (and cheap) babysitter, but 8+ hours? What are we the parents doing during this time?

I know this is close to becoming a rant, but somethings get me a little agitated…especially when it comes to our children. C’mon parents, turn off the TV, pick up your child, and talk to them, or better yet, get down on the floor and play with them. Pull the cushions off the sofa and build a tunnel fort, or go into the bedroom and use the covers and sheets from the bed to build an elaborate space ship. Engage folks…it doesn’t have to brain surgery, just go have fun.

Be encouraged!

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17 thoughts on “Average Television Viewing (2007 numbers)

  1. 8+ hours???!! this country is doomed 😦

    • Unless those 8+ hours are spent watching cycling races…then I can’t wait to see what we do in Tour in about 15 – 20 years. hahaha!

      Be encouraged!

      • luckily its only for month of July where I have to hold the 8+ hours…lol. This year’s tour was pretty awesome, as usual. Its defnitely setting up for dream matchups for next year. I need to come up with some kind of grand scheme to attend next year’s tour.

      • Yeah I keep trying to find a way to make a business trip to France for the month of July…so far no luck.

        BTW… what happened to the Missle in the Olympics?

        Be encouraged!

      • I keep saying, that gold medal was a result of bitter jealousy against the Brits’ huge success in the Tour. I thought it was pretty obvious nobody wanted to share the work…really unfair for Cav. It would have been awesome to see the missile launch one more time. No doubt Cavendish was devasted by the outcome. .

      • I think you are completely correct…God does that kid have the ability to sprint or what?…when you watch him accelerate it almost looks like they speed up the frames…except he is the only moving faster…truly an amazing talent.

        Be encouraged!

      • my favorite is the aerial slow motion shot, he actually looks like he is sprinting at a normal human sprinting speed while others look like spectators…lol.
        I don’t think I can mix business with pleasure when it comes to next year’s tour. Gotta figure out what to do with the kids….

      • I know the shot you are talking about and I thought exactly the same thing…even at the height of my riding I was never even on the same planet.

        Regarding the kids… this is why God gave us Grandparents.

        Be encouraged!

      • If I had 2 daughters, it will be a definite yes. Two destructive little boys…
        I am looking into hiring a live-in nanny to relieve the wife anyway. Maybe thats my ticket to France.

      • Where there is a will there is a way…you got lots of time to plan…but you need to be strategically proactive. 🙂

        Be encouraged!

      • Strategically proactive…YES!!

  2. A gripping life on said:

    No wonder people in those other countries always seem so happy and well adjusted! Sheesh! Go ahead and rant, it’s frightening.

    • You know I looked at that graph and I nearly decided to form some sort of underground terrorist organization that would go around and secretly destroy TV sets…or maybe TV stations. I am stunned at what “parents” or “babysitters” allow children to do. If I had spent that much time if front of the TV when I was kid my folks would have hauled me off to the emergency room because they would have thought I was paralyzed.

      Sometimes I wonder how on earth we are going to get things turned around in this country where we start to focus on the truly important things in life like love, honesty, truth, fulfillment, respect, etc…I guess we just keep writing.

      Be encouraged!

  3. My total TV-watching time is about 8 hours a year. It would be “none” if my husband didn’t occasionally record a program, delete all the commercials, and then tell me, “Sit down and watch this, you’ll really enjoy it.”

    I can’t imagine how these people get anything done, but I’d love to have that 8 hours a day they’re throwing away. I could make good use of it! 🙂

    • Same thing I was thinking…are these the same people who claim they don’t have any time to go to the gym…or interact with their kids…or invest quality time and action into a relationship…just wondering.

      Be encouraged!

  4. peters154 on said:

    Last October my wife and I realized that with a 3 year old son, we just didn’t have the time to watch TV. So we cancelled our cable service, saving $80 or so a month. I only miss it now that the Olympics are on!

    • I understand completely…my wife and I decided to not take our TVs with us to our new home we purchased ten years ago. It has been wonderful…we have the time to walk, talk, read, exercise, write, garden, etc…but I as a former competitive racing cyclist I go into serious withdrawals every July during the Tour de France.

      I’ve never noticed you writing before so I took the liberty to zoom over to your blog…looked great so I subscribed…besides I admire you and your wife deciding to oust the TV and spend time with your little one…they are only little for a very short time.

      Be encouraged!

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