Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Cristi has posted some amazing posts over the last several weeks and I have had the honor of reblogging his posts. This quote of his about letting go is in the same vein. His ideas are simple, clear, and concise. More importantly it slices like a laser to the very heart of the issue.
Thank you Sir for such wonderful thoughts…and once again I am honored to reblog.
Be encouraged!

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  1. Very true but hard to turn away and do nothing.

    • Ladies and Gentleman who read my blog…This comment is by the greatest woman who has ever lived…if you all were able to meet her you would quickly agree…there just isn’t anyone else who comes close…she is my wife.

      But to answer…yes Honey it is difficult to turn away and do nothing…but that is where the value is…it is in the struggle…in the work it takes…in the decisions that need to be made.

      I love you, Sweetheart. You are the best!

      You are my encouragement!

  2. I agree with your wife…so hard to turn away & let go. But you’re right about that struggle being worth it…

  3. Thank you !! And yes it’s difficult…i’m still in that area.

  4. Learning to let go of the things we can do nothing about. That is an important lesson. As your wife said, your health will benefit, keeping all that anger and negativity inside will only hurt us and not the person who wronged us.

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