Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Good Advice

I discovered this website while I was cruising around the internet. I hope you take a few minutes to contemplate it’s message. Again it is something simple, yet I thought it says a Truth worth hearing…and acting on.

Be encouraged!

words to live by

** This quote is taken from Catherine M. Wallace’s book:

Motherhood in the Balance: Children, Career, Me, and God, and can be purchased from Amazon – If this quote is anything to go by I’m sure it’s well worth the read!!

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9 thoughts on “Good Advice

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    Too true….

  2. A gripping life on said:

    This is great advice — Sometimes hard to do when you see them making a poor choice. That’s when I think of God as our parent and how difficult it must be for Him to watch us being foolish, etc. But I don’t think we would learn the same way if we had an interfering parent who prevented us from making mistakes. Listen, but let go… It’s tricky, isn’t it?

    • The older I get the more see life as a tension. Lean too far one way and you don’t get the results you want…too far the other way and the same thing happens…it is all about somehow staying in the sweet spot that allows us to know when and how to live.

      Whew…it is early for such philosophical talk…I need a nap.

      Be encouraged!

  3. Agree! As parents we are the most important people in the lives of our children. We form their idea of right and wrong, good and bad, compassion and faith. All huge assets they will need to succeed or fail in life and choose their friends.

    When they are old enough to send off on their own to face the world alone, it is those ideas and observations of how parents deal with problems that influence their success in that big world out there.

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    Treassure out children – they are our future.

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