Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Beautiful Simplicity

The idea for this post came from Sarah at According to her Gravatar bio she is heavily involved natural health and eco tourism. Susie and I have gleamed some great info from her.

She used this poster on one of her blogs and I felt it’s message summed up what I’ve been talking about lately. I trust as you think about this…ahem…simple message, you will consider how simplicity can manifest in your life.

Be encouraged!

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful Simplicity

  1. I forever thank your appreciation. LOL LOTS OF LOVE.

  2. free penny press on said:

    I agree…It’s really the simple things in life which are the most rewarding…Great reminder for us all!!

  3. dnancejr on said:

    Hi! Found your blog via Dave Willis’ Soul Caffeine blog. Love the post and look forward to following you further.

    • Well welcome aboard…Dave has an awesome blog with great content…so other than following me, I see you have good taste.

      In all seriousness, I hope you you enjoy what I post…and please always feel free to comment.

      Thanks again.

      Be encouraged!

  4. Often overlooking simplicity, my mind has not been provoked to think of the obvious. It’s always there.

    Nominated this blog as Thought Provoking. Everyday I am provoked to be encouraged! What a great thing for someone to do for someone else. Thank you!

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