Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Stop to think about your words, your attitudes, and your actions. Our children are little sponges, soaking up what they see, hear, and feel.
Be encouraged!

Live & Learn

Now this hit home…

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  1. Heard something like this in a women’s conference I attended last weekend. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Good reminder! I always have to remember this!

  3. That is what I was saying the other day. You can blame it all on your parents. LOL

  4. This is all about the law of attraction here Stephen, and I will get in to that on my blog soon. If we swear at our kids or even swear in conversation with them then they are going to be swearing too, and it might be at a younger age than anyone likes. If we treat our kids with little or no respect, thats how they will treat us. The funny thing is it is so much easier on everyone both mentally and physically if we treat our kids like we want to be treated, they will grow up to be respectful productive members in their society.

    • Exactly…as a volunteer mentor I can’t believe how much adult behavior I see mimicked by children…it can be very frightening.

      And thanks for writing Jim, I thought I might hear from you…and I’m glad I did.

      Be encouraged!

      • When we look at children, we must realize that is how they learn, by mimicking us. It is amazing, it does not matter what race, color, or creed, they all learn the same way, their first language is acquired by mimicking us until they understand it, they learn to crawl somewhat on instinct but mostly by watching us crawl in front of them trying to get them to do it, they also learn how to smoke, how to hate and how to hit, by watching us, well some not all. What we need to do is change this negative behavior in adults because if we don’t those children are setup to fail.
        I really enjoy your blog and my time spent here, Stephen.
        Time is a bit of a commodity for me right now so I am behind on my blogs but I am getting around 🙂

      • Jim thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I always find what you have to say interesting and particularly because I agree with you 100%.

        I understand the time thing…too well.

        Be encouraged!

  5. Oh how true that is I feel… Actions of the parents really do make a they speak and how they treat others …Diane

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