Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

There is nothing wrong with working with others to build their dreams…as long as that is your dream, and you are not just getting sucked in for the ride.

Be encouraged!

your creativity coach by robyn mcclendon

I came across this quote recently and it stopped me cold in my tracks…Wow!
This is so true I thought…Sometimes this idea of being hired to build others dreams is ideal, because that means you have a product or service that is wanted, appreciated and therefore others are willing to pay for.

Your classic win/win situation…

However, how often is this not the scenario in many peoples lives…they have dreams, business ideas, huge desires to do something that lights a fire and stirs their passions…but sadly don’t.

They succumb to the pressures of life and their responsibilities or just can’t seem to muster up enough courage to give it at least one shot..

You know if we try to realize our passion and we don’t arrive at the place we were hoping, I can sure guarantee you of a few things…

First…you will have learned a few things about…

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  1. livvy1234 on said:

    Hmm, been away from here a few days working on my stuff. I do not have a business dream, but I do have a dream and it is my passion: to keep conscious of my personal actions, and try and become gentler, kinder, more forgiving, more patient, watch my speech. It’s a long road, but it has been worth it…

  2. Stephen, as always a great post!

  3. You got it right there! Be encouraged 😉

  4. yazrooney on said:

    With some of us, we have emotional barriers to remove before we are capable of building our own dreams. Working for others helps in that process. That’s how we are all interconnected.

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