Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I have some experience with the whole “put one foot in front of another” fear thing. When I started the Run Across America the first couple of miles were sheer torture, not physically, but mentally. My mind went berserk, “What did I think I was doing.” “This country is HUGE.” “I should just grab Susie and slink back home” “This IS crazy.”

But 11 months and 3 days later, after running 3160 miles, as I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean I knew I could do whatever I set my mind to.

So can you.

Be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!


Melody Beattie writes:

Here’s another example about the power of simplification.

For years, I heard about hiking. It sounded so elusive, diffi­cult, and mysterious. I didn’t do it, but I thought about hik­ing wistfully. One day, a friend asked me to go hiking with him. “Sure,” I said. As the day of our hike approached, I began thinking things through. I was getting a little nervous. What if I couldn’t do it well enough? What if I didn’t know how to do it at all?

Don’t be ridiculous, I scolded myself. You’re making this much more complicated than it really is. Hiking is just walking, and you’ve been doing that since you were ten months old.

The next day, I arose at 6:00 A.M., and my friend and I left for our hike. I followed my friend as he began walking up the steep incline.

Just walk, I told…

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