Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

For the past two decades I have employed this method to help me overcome a variety o fears and what I thought were inadequacies, as well as learn to cycle hundreds of miles at a time without stopping.

Be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

Melody Beattie writes:

In skydiving, there’s an activity called dirt diving. At the drop zone, you’ll see people lying on their bellies on contrap­tions that look like skateboards. They make all the moves on the ground as if they were free-falling through the air. They’re training their bodies and themselves to do it right. They’re experiencing how it feels to do it right.

Do you have something you’re trying to learn how to do? Are you struggling to let go of someone? Are you trying to do something for the first time—conquer your fear of flying or write a book? Do you have a meeting scheduled that’s causing you some strain? Maybe you need to approach your boss and ask for a raise.

See yourself doing it. Quiet yourself first by deliberately relaxing each part of your body and mind. Then imagine yourself doing it, whatever it is. See how…

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