Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Marianne writes short (something I am incapable of) to the point highly effective (also something I struggle with) posts. This one I have personally practiced many times during my years as an ultra-distance runner.

Be encouraged!


I am a trained mental trainer, which is the basis of my professional life. A principle of mental training is that the word impossible, is impossible to use about the future. This means that the word impossible can only be used for what has already happened, ie the past. What we really mean when we use the word impossible is that the methods we used earlier were impossible. If we choose to use the word impossible about the future, we will give up before we have even tried. We won’t try the alternative roads and methods that might be able to show that something is possible in the future. It’s an important part of our attitude to be able to say that I WILL NEVER use the word impossible about the future. //Marianne

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  1. Stephen, every day when I open my blog there is a new present from you! And I’m not only talking about you reblogging my post, :). Thank you for your generosity, it makes me very very happy – you are a star! Being an ultra-distance runner is an amazing accomplishment and I can easily imagine that one of your mantras must have been: it’s possible!

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