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As most of you know who read my blog, I love my wife dearly. She is a wonderful woman and I definitely married up.

This post details how it is supposed to be. Kloipy writes openly and honestly and it is refreshing to read in this day and age.

Truly be encouraged!

Kloipy Speaks

Seven years ago on this date, I married the love of my life. We got married at a local lake in the gazebo on a warm and beautiful day. It was a very small wedding with just a few family and friends there. I was there early and had to fend off a few people learning how to do fly fishing right beside the spot we were to get married at. I was never a suit guy up to that point so being in a tux walking around was quite the change for me. That morning when I got up, I spent time nervous and excited.

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I would like to co-opt this post and say this is my prayer for all of you…you have been so wonderful, kind, and gracious…words alone will never convey my heart-felt gratitude…be encouraged!

All over the world people are finding unique ways not only to develop their communities, but also to develop the individual. This is an excellent example of both.

Be encouraged!

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