Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I am reblogging this post not because it contains any deep wisdom about life or words of transformation. I am reblogging because over the past month or so I have found a soul mate in Todd Lohenry. He seeks the good, honest, and truthful in life then blogs about it, he cycles, and he loves cats, all traits I share. In our comments back and forth to one another he strikes me as the kind of guy we could all set down with and enjoy a meal as we laugh and talk about life.

Cruise on over to his blog and follow if you don’t already…he is an awesome man, worthy in all ways.

Be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

I used to hate cats with a bright purple passion but something inside me has changed and I now love them as much as I ever hated them. A lot of this transformation has to do with a little black cat named Boo. Here is Boo earlier this year wearing her new ‘pink rose’ collar…

As you can tell, Boo was a constant source of fascination for me. Here she is in her own version of ‘Cat Kong’ fighting off purple martin parents while she tried to figure out how to open the birdhouse she was sitting on…

I used to enjoy ‘kitty time’ with Boo [kind of like happy hour but with a cat in your lap on the deck] every now and again. Its calming affect was so profound that once my 8 year old once said to me ‘dad, you need some kitty time’ — it was…

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