Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I’m reblogging this, not because I am mentioned in the article (thanks David) but because I want to encouraged you to click on “Hit this link.” Trust me…it is well worth it.

Be encouraged!

Live & Learn

Long day.  Very long day.  I needed this.  While my fingers are tapping the mouse (time to go, time to move on, time to go, batta bing, batta bang, go, go, go, GO, GO), I’m thinking Tom Ross.  He could do it.  10 minutes without interruption.  I was thinking Mimi. She’s chanting Peace. Gentle. Calm. Peace. Gentle. Calm. She’s smiling.  She’s framing wonderfully crafted sentences readying herself to drop a comment.  Anake’s mind is whirring as he’s watching the waves lap the shoreline. Lori is off in New Zealand while she’s petting her dogs on her ride.  Francine’s saying a prayer and staring at the beauty wondering how they captured the shot. Stephen is mentally replaying his cross-country run – this is kid’s play for the Ironman. Keith is chanting his Sutras and Suttas.  Ivon has drifted away to the Canadian Rockies. Laurie willed herself…

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