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  1. Tell me about it… :). Stephen, I am really struggling with no 3 on Mother Teresa’s list… really struggling…. I need to go away and spend time in a silent retreat but I don’t have the time at the moment… And I need new glasses, the words are blurry and they’re dancing as well… :).

    • So what’s up?…tell your little trans-Atlantic buddy what is going on…realizing those dreams can be kind of tough sometimes, huh?

      Take that deep breath, turn out the lights, turn off all the noise…you know the routine…now just relax…don’t go to what you need to do…don’t let your mind decide things for you…just inhale and exhale…keep the focus on letting the tension ebb away…aahhh…stay as long as you need to.

      So go get new glasses…are they covered by your health plan…in America they are ridiculously expensive unless you have insurance…I think the lst pair I bought without insurance was over $600…ouch.

      Be encouraged!

      • Thank you my friend! I am not worried about my dreams but I am worried about a few other things. I’ll tell you about it when I’ve all the facts which I don’t have today. Sometimes universe decide to test us, and I am being tested from many different fronts at the moment. It has taken me by surprise, and I know it’s temporarily but it still hurts.

        I can’t find any new glasses because most glasses fall off my nose. The top of my nose is too skinny. This a not a joke but a real problem, :). I am so frustrated that I am seriously thinking about changing career and design glasses instead. How hard can it be to design glasses that are both beautiful and practical? At the moment I can only read and write for a few hours a day. These few words has taken me about 90 minutes to write because the text is dancing all over the place, :). It looks very funny and I can’t help but smile but it’s not funny…

      • Ouch, Marianne…this is a real problem…is there anything at all that Susie and I can do to help…we are available for anything you need…give it some thought and let us know…we love you.

        Be encouraged!

      • Stephen, you and Susie are such wonderful people!!! I am so happy that we have met, and I might take you up on your offer but not today. I am now taking the rest of the day off to go on a hunting trip. Hunting for new glasses that don’t slide off my nose, :). //Marianne

      • Well please keep in mind if there is anything we can do, we are here for you…best wishes on the hunting trip. 🙂

        Be encouraged!

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