Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Corinne at encouraged her readers to check out this post that I am reblogging. Since I discovered Corinne a few months ago I have been drawn to her honest and straight-forward posts. So when she recommended this blog, and then added that it was written by a fourteen year old young man I couldn’t help but click on the address.

I’ll let you decide for yourself as to the impact this young man has in your life, but I was deeply impressed with his ability to channel his thoughts into a concise, well written, challenging post. I hope you will agree.

Be encouraged!

Deep Thinkings

Hello all,

This was, despite a relaxing weekend, very stressful for me. I’m sad and regretful that I let things turn out the way that they did, but it was my fault all along.

I realize how dependent I am on success. It’s what keeps me going, and when, for whatever reason, I am unable to continue being successful, everything comes crashing down.

‘Success’ is such a vague word and has a different meaning for every person. For me, it takes the form of many different things. From overcoming a fear, to writing a strong, 500-700 word post on this very blog. And yes, that means that if I do not complete that everyday, I do end up feeling deflated, sometimes even disappointed in myself. These things, in my mind, equal more views, more prestige, more success. Let’s be brutally honest here, sometimes that how I look at things, and…

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