Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I am reblogging this post from Amelia because contained in her recollection of a day which she admits “it sucks” is a tremendous lesson for all of us.

We fall maybe not quite like Amelia, but we fall. We come up short. We stumble and flail. Sometimes we catch ourselves, other times not so much. It hurts. It isn’t fun. We feel the ache for days, weeks, maybe months and years. But just like Amelia we get up. We try harder. We focus. It isn’t beautiful. It doesn’t lend itself to a cute bumper sticker, but it’s life.

Be encouraged!


In my early years of physical therapy, before all of my intense surgeries, I was taught how to fall. Though that may seem strange, it makes perfect sense when you realize that I was a kid who had a physical disability, which included having issues with balance on a daily basis. Because my physical therapist and my parents knew that I would be falling a lot, I had to learn how to fall so that I wouldn’t break or sprain my wrists every time my face met the concrete. I was taught to splay my hands out relatively wide when I felt like I was about to fall. However, the number one rule was to make sure my hands were out in front of me and that my palms were flat so that I wouldn’t injure any of my fingers. It seems like a relatively easy concept (one that would…

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  1. danrobb007 on said:

    Very true. Thanks for reblogging. I liked your statement that it doesn’t lend itself to a cute bumper sticker.

    • While I am grateful for an easy and quick way to “get the message out,” I worry sometimes if we don’t try to reduce life down to something that is cute, brief, and takes little effort. I belief there is value in the struggle.

      Be encouraged!

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