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My Political Thought


I read a post by Lisa at entitled Dear President Obama. She didn’t write it, but felt it was a good summation of how she and possibly many more are feeling. The original post was written by Maggie at I don’t know Maggie, but since I started this blog Lisa and I have become good enough friends that we have actually entertained our families getting together for a meal sometime when we all can find the time.

Lisa is not someone who goes off on political tangents. She isn’t the kind of person that would pigeon-hole you in a corner for over an hour while she rants on about big government and how the apocalypse is upon us. However, if I were you I would steer clear of talking about a certain cashier at the local diner where she has breakfast every morning, but other than that Lisa strikes me as being fairly level-headed, compassionate, intelligent, extremely witty, and someone who truly cares about the quality of life for others.

So she worried about posting something political. She didn’t want to have to wade through reading a bunch of hate mail that questioned her mental stability, gender identity, social status, and/or whether she was an enemy mole feverishly working the inner ropes of the blogging community. She just wanted to post something that reflected how she felt…end of story.

She inspired me.

Like Lisa I am posting something that someone else created (although I wish I had the talent and the spray paint). So with my tongue planted firmly within my cheek the above is my political statement. I should acknowledge this is my statement and my statement alone, it does not necessarily reflect the thoughts of Susie my wife, Jake the Wonder Dog, Callie the Sleek Dog, OC the World’s Tiniest Cat, Zip the Pet Me or Die Cat, or Annie Now Called Andy Because My Stupid Parents Can’t Recognize Sex Parts on a Kitten.

I am Stephen Edwards and I support the contents of this blog.

Be encouraged!

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4 thoughts on “My Political Thought

  1. ….I don’t know what to say. I’m so humbled by your kind words and friendship, Stephen. Your warmth and endless compassion mean so much to me. Now I’m thinking, how did I get so lucky to cross paths with this guy? You’re truly a blessing and joy in my life. Thank you for for being your wonderful self. xoxox

    It feels good to put something a little political up that reflects what you’re feeling, doesn’t it? I think it gives needed balance to the current conversation. Good job!

    • You know for an old hippie who thought we were actually going to change the world, I’m a little disappointed in how I’ve mellowed over the years. If the oil companies would have jerked us around with their gas prices then, like they do now, we would have taken to the streets; if Wall Street would have pulled the bone-headed high profits move then, like they have/do now, we would have taken to the streets. Now it just seems like we all look at each other and go, “Damn that sucks…want another beer?”

      I don’t think it was luck we crossed paths…I think it was destined to be…for which I am grateful for. I love reading your posts and have treasured getting to know you in this weird internet way…yet it is real. I can assure you the blessings and joy flows just as much my way, if not more, by having you in my life.

      Lisa…be encouraged!

  2. That’s really kind Stephen. I am lucky to have one of the good moms out there in the world. Maybe I’m biased, but I think mine’s the best! I’m glad you were inspired by her and Maggie. It takes guts to say what you believe even when it isn’t the cool or popular opinion.

    • Oh Lily…I use to be cool…I think it was for about ten minutes…but cool nonetheless.

      Thank you for gracious and kind words…they mean a lot to me.

      And yes I believe your Mom is a very special woman…you are indeed blessed.

      Be encouraged!

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