Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

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  1. livvy1234 on said:

    Tough one, when you are a parent in a enmeshed family who does not care to think about change.

    • This is where all of our well meaning philosophies meet the reality of life…and where are our true growth is…in the struggles.

      Be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        Correct, but it might take two life times to advance the ball.

      • I’m a little worried it might take longer for me…but I keep hoping…be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        I am giving up…keeping focused on the life I do have left. Living it, without craving for the expectation anymore. When you cross the bridge, there are those members of your family you may have to leave behind, because they do not want to join you in the work.

      • True…but they still see…even if they don’t act like it…and I think you and I would both agree, that there is that still small piece of us, maybe deep inside and covered with thick, hard experiences of life, but nonetheless still there, that knows…that really knows…and all we can do is hope tht somehow, someway they will listen.

        Be (truly) encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        There is hope. Not too much, though. And yes, we must be encouraged, and put a smile on our face instead of a frown.

  2. lol, Thats IT, I’m putting my foot down tonight and tell my wife I am not getting pushed around by her anymore…haha

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