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  1. Hey Stephen,
    We havent done this in a while, so lets get into it, shall we?
    I agree wholeheartedly with this, there really isn’t more that I can add that hasn’t already been said here. I do now this, once you raise your voice and become argumentative, you have lost, and at that point it doesn’t matter if you were right in the first place.

    • Jim, I use to be a huge believer in screaming and yelling…in my former life it was an important asset…but my wife (then my girlfriend) would wilt with even the slightest increase of volume…so I learned…I changed…I found ways of expressing myself that did not include volume or anger…I think the most amazing part of it was how easy it was.

      Be encouraged!

      • I used to be the same way, when I became a father it changed, I really found that I was spending so much energy for nothing, once the voice goes up their ears shut off. It also brings in the respect aspect of it, I have found since I do not yell anymore, well except in my truck when I get cut off haha, I get a lot more respect from everyone. Stephen you and I come from generations when we got yelled at growing up for our bone headed antics, it is also how we learned to yell to deal with things, it is counterproductive though. Hopefully soon there will be a generation raised that didn’t get yelled at but instead were sat down and made to understnad what they did wrong, then it will be a thing of the past I would think from that point on as we humans are creatures of habit.

      • Thanks Jim for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your points and it is always good to hear from you.

        You are right we do come from that generation that got yelled at…and we are doing our part to stop the passage of that strain of DNA. Let’s keep on changing the world.

        Be encouraged!

  2. Its definitely hard to have an opinion on this one. My professional conduct with work is compltely different than with friends and family. Honestly, I don’t think I can do my job effectively if I don’t argue and be angry at work, its just the way it is around here. I do, however, would love to find the perfect comfy cozy job where I can rely on everybody and they all do their best to work with other coworkers

    • Trust me…I understand…during my years in corporate I am afraid I did more than my fair share of yelling and intimidating. But it is also the reason I left…I couldn’t change the culture, nor did I want to be that type of person.

      As I create my own company I am able to develop the type of culture I want (e.g., open, authentic, and respectful). Our vision motto is: Do It Right, No Matter What…and we mean it. We are not in existence to make money…we exist to prove a company can be viable (profitable) by not focusing on money, but by thinking and doing the right thing.

      I’ll keep you posted…

      Be encouraged!

  3. Once a discussion becomes an argument, nobody’s listening, anyway.

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