Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I have reblogged several times today and I hope this one does not get lost in the shuffle. The reason is because there was a time when I struggled with this issue. I walked out into a field behind my home, carrying my father’s automatic pistol. While setting there crying and shaking I decided I didn’t want to do it. I was more afraid of dying than I was tired of living. Stupid rationale,but at least it saved my life.

If you or any one you know is struggling with suicide, please, I’m begging of you get help…if you can’t find help write me at…I don’t believe I’ve ever meant this tag line more than I do at this moment…be encouraged!




Let’s end the stigma and start the healing.

I am posting today in recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day. Most of us know the party line…..suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Yet, as is the case with most complex emotional issues, that very simple statement just scratches the surface of the issue.  According to the American Academy of Suicidology (AAS) , there is one suicide on this planet every 40 seconds. The rate in the United States is 12 per 100,000 people. Sobering numbers indeed. For as large as a problem a suicide is ( 13th leading cause of death worldwide)  there remains a huge stigma attached to it and startling misinformation.


Suicide is not something that any of us can afford to think only happens to “them”. Actually, new research indicates that as many as one in six people have had thoughts of suicide…

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Mostly though, thank you for spreading your message of hope and encouragement. Keep on going.

  2. livvy1234 on said:

    My son-in-law took his life April 16th of this year.

    • Our prayers, hopes, and condolences are with you and your family…and yet those words do not begin to bring the peace I want for your heart nor express the heart-loss we feel…blessings to you…and remember any time you ever want to talk to either Susie or I without the eyes of the blog-world upon us, please feel free; Susie at & me at

      Be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        Thank you Susie and Stephen for heartfelt condolence. My son-in-law was 43. He had just come out of rehab. The mental health system is broken. My daughter and him were in a divorce. He broke his contract to be the father of my 9 yr. old grandson and even forgot his birthday. He relapsed on crack after 14 years of marriage. I did a home check on him through the police in the state he lived. They called me back and told me they found him. No money, being supported by enabling aunt and parents, a severe diabetic who decided to take his life by injecting 4 vials of insulin into his veins. So that was that. A life wasted.

        I wrote the hospital and the answer I received was cold and uncaring. I also made a complaint to the mental health division of the state he lived. There was no followup on behalf of the recovery staff. Not only that, the drug dealers threatened his life and stole his car. So he had no way of getting to a meeting.

        My daughter is in very bad shape. And my grandson is numb. They have done some therapy, but this will take the rest of their life to get over. My daughter had to clean up his apartment, go to view him at the morgue and receive his ashes.

        His extended family was not a functional one, either. Half his ashes are in one state dumped in a canal – as a punishment from his mother – and my daughter holds the other half.

        A dark story and a broken mental health system in America.

        Thank you both for extending an email address.

        The same day he died, my dog died. Can you imagine. And my husband died January 27th, 2012. I just received his ashes after all these months. We were divorced 5 years due to a business enmeshment with family members.

        I still loved him, and in the end, there is a battle with my stepson and the woman who helped my spouse the last two months of his life for the will. I have signed my rights over to my stepson. He was never told his dad died by the lady who helped my spouse out. A sordid story. But I did get to visit my spouse one month before he died and met her in the hospital room. We were in constant phone contact till he could not speak anymore.

        So these are my battles this year, along with complete family estrangement due to a business issue. I do one day at a time. One moment at a time, using the steps, zen, mindfulness, blogs such as yours, encouraging words, feeling my feelings, allowing them to pass through…

        Today, I am enriching my life with a lecture: The Role of Fear in Living Ethically. I will take notes and write about it. Each day, I am enriching my life, and understand there is a greater reason I am in this position at the tail end of my life. So be it. Flowers are on my dresser, next to my spouse’s and dog’s ashes. Every night I light a candle. My spouse sat on a funeral shelf for 8 months due to court battles.

        One day at a time is all we must live…in peace and serenity.


      • Jane, thank you for sharing your story with us. Susie and I reach out to you with our love, compassion, and prayers. We can’t imagine the pain and confusion you have endured…and yet here you are, writing about it, posting on your blog, and functioning…maybe it is only one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, but nonetheless still functioning…and doing so without hatred and bitterness consuming your heart.

        Jane if there is any way Susie and I can help you construct a better future please let us know…we are always available.

        Be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        Yes I am functioning, and after 7 years of estrangement from close family ties of which I was the matriarch, I STILL FUNCTION clearly, with purpose, and plan on continuing looking at the world through as many angles and perspectives I can.

        To narrow my vision creates pain and suffering for me. In order to walk out of the pain, I stay present as best I can to what I am feeling, and then of course, take a look at the troubles of others in the world. Keeping things in perspective, a deep bow to you and Susie for adding light and clarity to the lives of those who cross your path.

        Thoughts create feelings, which are interpreted through language. The world is messed up because of the inability to communicate at a deep level. But, we are trying…all of us.

      • “The world is messed up because of the inability to communicate at a deep level. But, we are trying…all of us.”

        It is and we are…which is why Susie and I are thrilled to be “meeting” you…we perceive a like soul and we are always ecstatic when we find one.

        We think you are an awesome woman with a great story of survival.

        Be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        Well, I am pleased to be in such good company. I enjoy in depth conversation, and deep thinkers. A deep bow, Jane

      • Likewise…thank you Jane, we love your Spirit…be encouraged!

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