Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Re-posted because this is just an excellent way to look at life…be encouraged!

Clawson's Bloggity

I saw this SPONGEBOB and thought: this is EXACTLY how I feel!  THAT IS EXCITEMENT! AND EXCITEMENT IS FUN!

I’m so excited about LIFE!  I continue to see blessings all around.  People wonder why I’m so happy and excited.  Sometimes I wonder myself.  I know that I’m somewhat annoying, at times, to others because I look on the bright side most all the time.  It’s not ALL the time that things go exactly how I think they should or that all times are wonderfully happy.  I just know that God has given me so many talents and abilities AND  I look at things with a thankful attitude and heart.  I look at life through some kind of happy lenses that God has provided for me.  SO BLESSED!

WHY NOT BE EXCITED AND HAPPY no matter what?  Why not look on the bright side?  Why not try to be the only…

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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    My son loved Spongebob, I’ve gotta say. I’ll have to check this out …

  2. Cute – I love Spongebob!

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